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Chapter 3368: What Can You Do For Him? (3)

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Li Leyun didn’t expect Li Tianyi to say such things in the end!

As if struck by lightning, her body turned stiff. Her mouth was agape as she shook her head furiously.

“Impossible… what did you say? This is absolutely impossible!”


“You say… Brother Moying admired to all of you that this wretched lass is his wife?? Impossible, doesn’t he know his own identity? How can he possibly admit that this Lower Realm crazy lass is his wife!!”

Li Tianyi sighed inwardly as he thought, “As expected, a woman will become oblivious to everything once she has been trapped by emotions.”

Putting aside the fact that Huang Yueli had innate talent which was on par with Li Moying, even if she was indeed an ordinary practitioner who ascended from the Lower Realm, so what about that?

Based on Li Moying’s overbearing, aloof character, as long as he likes Huang Yueli, he will definitely come out with a way to let her become Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Partriarch’s wife.

Li Tianyi wanted to persuade her further but Huang Yueli could no longer stand listening. So she directly walked out behind him.

“Young Miss Li, no matter what you think, the truth is the truth. No matter what ideas you have towards my husband, it’s useless because we’re already married. Since you can’t gain anything from me here, you’d better leave quickly!”

Huang Yueli had also gradually calmed down after Li Tianyi blocked himself in front of her.

She realized that she wasn’t able to maintain her rationality whenever the issue was related to Li Moying. That series of actions earlier was indeed a little too rash on her part.

No matter what, Li Leyun was still an aristocratic young lady from the Cloudy Qilin Clan. If she really were to injure her badly, she might be fine. But Li Moying might get into trouble.

It was better to chase Li Leyun out of the house. When Li Moying returned, she would then interrogate him to find out what was going on behind the scenes and decided by then.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli’s attitude towards Li Leyun turned slightly better, as she only wanted to chase this person out of the house.

But the minute Huang Yueli softened her tone, Li Leyun assumed that the former was afraid of herself.

Li Leyun snorted coldly and said, “Wretched lass, you’re still very delighted, aren’t you? Let me tell you, even if Brother Moying admits to your status, don’t think that using your beauty to bewitch Brother Moying will allow you to enter the Cloudy Qilin Clan and become our Young Madam! In a large clan like our Cloudy Qilin Clan, we prioritize one’s ability and bloodline when selecting the future Partriarch’s wife! If you’re going to continue with your daydream, you’ll run into an unlucky streak sooner or later!”

A cold sneer surfaced on Huang Yueli’s lips. “Many thanks to Young Miss Li for your reminder. I will naturally remind myself to raise my ability and not make things difficult for my husband. You don’t need to worry about that.”

Huang Yueli’s calm look seemed as though she wasn’t feeling inferior or flustered because of Li Leyun’s threat.

The more Li Leyun thought, the angrier she became, and the colder her gaze towards Huang Yueli was.

However, just as Huang Yueli thought she was about to fly into a rage, Li Leyun’s tone suddenly became gentle.

“You think you’re Brother Moying’s true love, right? Then why aren’t you thinking on his behalf? What can you do for him, based on your status and ability? But I’m different! Not only do I have heaven grade innate talent, but I’m also a Spiritual Armament Master! This time, Grandmaster Xiao is openly looking for a business partner. I can help Cloudy Qilin Clan earn 100 thousand jade quartz! This amount of money can be used on Brother Moying’s cultivation!”

“How about you? What ability does a useless person like you have, and what can you do for Brother Moying?”