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Chapter 3108: Persist A Little Longer! (4)

She knew clearly that this was the most crucial timing!

The demon tribe seemed to have noticed this as well. After a short moment of silence, all of them scuttered up and attacked the high platform ferociously.

Xia Yunxi narrowed her eyes slightly as she chanted a mnemonic gesture.

Immediately following that, eight shadow clones instantly appeared!

Every single shadow clone looked no different from her real self. Even the Profound Energy might that emanated from her was exactly the same!

This scene stunned Huang Yueli so much that she almost destroyed the mechanism due to the distraction!

Eight Xia Yunxi’s simultaneously drew out their swords and the glint from the blades made one’s eyes go blurry. It weaved into a dense netting and successfully blocked all the devils outside!

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but sigh. She didn’t expect Xia Yunxi to have so many secrets, whose ability had simply surpassed Huang Yueli’s imagination!

But Huang Yueli knew that Xia Yunxi’s consumption of Profound Energy for such an esteemed Profound Skill was huge and she probably wouldn’t last for long. Hence there wouldn’t be a lot of time to spare.

Huang Yueli hurriedly recollected her concentration and sped up her actions.

In the center of the campsite, Li Yukun and the Sky Devil’s battle had entered the last stage.

Li Yukun’s energy was depleted and sweat drenched his entire shirt. There were injuries of various sizes and blood kept spilling out from those wounds.

Even the Holy Armament armor that he wore was so damaged that it would be difficult to guarantee his safety.

Sky Devil Rui Xuan was also slightly injured, but as compared with Li Yukun, that injury was negligible!

“Tsk tsk, trash will be trash! Even if you wore such a high-tiered armor, you’d still die in my hands. I’m going to draw away your blood essence very soon! Although you might be a little trashy, you are a practitioner in the Heart Profound Realm end-phase. After my brother takes in your blood essence, his advancement will definitely be much smoother!”

Rui Xuan chuckled as he went closer.

Li Yukun shut his eyes hopelessly, as though he had already given up resisting.

Now that things had come to this, he had already given his best effort. But there was no way to replenish the disparity in abilities at all.

He could feel that his meridians had been invaded by large amounts of demonic qi and his body senses were gradually turning numb…

To a practitioner, this was a fatal effect!

He could no longer persist on…

He thought silently, “It doesn’t matter if I died. From the day I joined the allied armies, I was already prepared to sacrifice myself on the frontlines.”

“But there are so many humans and god clan practitioners in the campsite!”

“They are all so young and for some of them, this is their first time battling with the demon tribe. They still hold so many beautiful wishes to accumulate sufficient military merits and become their family’s pride!”

“Alas, they are all going to die here as well…”

Rui Xuan also sensed that victory was right before him and he couldn’t suppress the excited feeling in his heart.

He didn’t bother wasting any time and raised both hands to gather all the surrounding demonic qi. Forming a huge, black sword, he swung it down towards Li Yukun’s head!

Li Yukun remained immobile, as though he was disheartened.


A loud “boom” exploded in the sky!

Li Yukun was sent flying by the tremendous impact caused by the explosion, spitting out blood in mid-air as he crashed heavily on the ground.

His entire body was in extreme pain, but he was amazed to find out that— he wasn’t dead!