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Chapter 2963: Who Is More Disadvantaged? (1)

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They reached a consensus at the Sacred Phoenix Race’s meeting so Huang Sanbai quickly left the Ice Moon Summit to seek out Li Moying’s whereabouts.

Whenever he thought about Li Moying’s shocking innate talent and strength, as well as his contracted ancient spiritual beast Qilin, he was afraid that he might fail miserably in this easy task.

So, he specially asked Huang Tianhao for another two Dao Profound Realm Elders to go along with him.

His return this time had caused a very huge commotion in the main hall.

Hence, even though Huang Tianhao kept repeating that the contents of the meeting should not be leaked out, various large forces’ scouts had already received news of this and secretly broadcasted it.

Li Moymg, who was in Flame Square City, received this news three days later.

Li Tian Yi was shaking in fear and trepidation when he passed the letter with the word “Confidential” printed on top. Then he waited apprehensively for Li Moying’s response.

After this time, all the guards already knew how much this future clan leader valued his wife from the Lower Realm, Even Huang Sacred Phoenix Race people had deemed Huang Yueli as dead. It was imaginable just how upset Li Moymg would be after he found out about this.

Li Moying didn’t usually flare up, but if he did, it was something that no one could handle…

However, out of Li Tian Yi’s expectation, Li Moying didn’t move at all after he read the letter’s contents. Maintaining the same posture, his finger that held the letter trembled, which revealed the enormous fluctuation within him.

The angle at which Li Tian Yi stood only allowed him to see Li Moying’s fringe.

It covered half of the latter’s face, so he couldn’t see his expression at all.

On seeing Li Moying not speaking, Li Tian Yi asked cautiously, “Young… Young Master, Sacred Phoenix Race’s news might… might not necessarily be true. Don’t… don’t need to bother too much about it. Young Miss Huang is a god grade genius, after all, so she must have some way to protect herself. We… we’d better continue to look for her..

Although he said this, Li Tian Yi was just trying to comfort Li Moying by saying these words.

Even he also believed that unless Sacred Phoenix Race had concrete evidence, otherwise they wouldn’t come to this conclusion over their most valued god grade genius…

Their poor Young Master Moying, he had become a widower at such a young age.

Moreover, Li Moying and Sacred Phoenix Race’s young lady’s relationship seemed very good. The guards were worried that their Master would be given a severe blow because of this. If it affected their cultivation, it would be the entire Cloudy Qilin clan’s loss.

Li Moying still didn’t say a word so Li Tian Yi shut his mouth in embarrassment.

He didn’t know what he should say, to comfort Li Moying.

But if he didn’t say a word, the room’s gloomy and strange atmosphere made one felt unbearable.

Not too long later, Li Tian Yi’s back was drenched in sweat.

Not knowing how long had passed, Li Moying stood up, turned towards the door, and wanted to walk out.

Li Tian Yi came to his senses and hurriedly followed after him. “Young Master, Young Master, wh… where are you going?

However, Li Moying didn’t answer him. Or perhaps, it could be said that he totally couldn’t answer him at all.

Because in the very next moment, Li Moying’s body suddenly swayed to the left and right, then he fell.

Li Tian Yi was stunned and couldn’t react in time. But in the next moment, he was shocked!

Li Moying’s willpower was invincible in the hearts of all Cloudy Qilin clan practitioners.. No matter what kind of difficult situation he was in, there was nothing that could make him fall!