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Chapter 2904: Drift Apart (4)

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Li Moying had never imagined that by doing so, he would be drifting further and further away from Huang Yueli!

For close to a month, Huang Yueli had been in disguise. She passed through all the small and large channels in God Realm and made her way hastily towards Sacred Phoenix Continent. She had passed through dozens of towns.

In the first two weeks, her journey had been extremely smooth sailing. She didn’t meet with a single Sacred Phoenix Race practitioner at all.

But after some time, Huang Yueli realized that Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners started to appear in the streets and alleys.

Originally, she thought that it was because she was coming nearer to the Sacred Phoenix Continent.

But once, she passed by a large town and saw her picture posted on the city wall.

This made Huang Yueli instantly realize what was going on!

It seemed that everything was not a coincidence. Huang Sanbai realized that he could not find her in Serene Rain Town, so he had no choice but to report her disappearance to the clan…

“But, this is still a little strange! Isn’t Huang Sanbai afraid of being punished by the clan leader if he reported this? Or was it because Huang Sanbai’s forces in Sacred Phoenix Race had already reached this extent?” Huang Yueli frowned with puzzlement.

She naturally hadn’t imagined that Huang Sanbai had already turned Li Moying into his scapegoat.

But because of this, Huang Yueli had overestimated Huang Sanbai’s position in the clan. So all the more she didn’t dare to return to Ice Moon Summit.

After a month of her tough journey, Huang Yueli finally arrived at the Sacred Phoenix Continent, one of the twelve Continents where the Sacred Phoenix Race reigned power in!

Standing underneath the city gate, she lifted her head and took a look. Any newly ascended Lower Realm practitioners would be awed by this majestic city!

The Sacred Phoenix Continent was surrounded by mountains and had the most dangerous topography among all the continents. The surrounding walls were extremely solid.

Underneath the city walls were numerous God Realm practitioners holding Spirit Armaments, surrounding and protecting the Sacred Phoenix Continent.

Those practitioners who were entering and leaving the city gate instantly felt how insignificant they were. They didn’t even dare to speak loudly and formed into a line. They queued up to pay the entrance fees into the city.

“Ten medium grade crystal jades!”

Huang Yueli obediently retrieved ten medium grade crystal jades from her interspatial ring and was just about to hand it over.

Suddenly, a voice rang from the side. “Wait! This person seems to be an ascender from the Lower Realm! Let me take a look!”

A Sacred Phoenix Race practitioner held a painting in his hand and looked at Huang Yueli.

She stood there emotionlessly and allowed him to check her out.

“He doesn’t look quite like… Lad, what’s your name? Which Continent did you come from?” The Sacred Phoenix Race practitioner asked after he looked at her.

Huang Yueli had already memorized her fake identity and casually replied a few words. Then she passed through the checkpoint with flying colors.

After she ventured into the Sacred Phoenix Continent, the first thing Huang Yueli did was to find a teahouse to have a rest.

Previously when she was in the small towns, the practitioners’ ability wasn’t considered as ridiculously strong. There were even a few commoners who had fourth or fifth stage realm cultivation.

But after she entered into a huge continent like the Sacred Phoenix Continent, the situation was completely different.

Every single person that Huang Yueli laid her eyes on, were practically a practitioner in ninth stage realm and above. There were occasionally a few whose cultivations weren’t very high. But they were mostly young people under thirty years old and were from the ordinary human race.

Huang Yueli was now in Dream Profound realm mid-phase cultivation.. If one didn’t look at her age, she really couldn’t be considered as a top exponent at this place.