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Chapter 2905: Sky Gem Glass Chamber (1)

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“Sir, this is your tea and snacks. Please enjoy!”

The waiter placed the teapot, teacup, and a few plates on the table. Then he nodded to Huang Yueli and left.

Huang Yueli hurriedly called out to him. “Wait! Young brother, can I ask you something?”

As she spoke, she took out a few medium grade crystal jades from her interspatial ring and passed it to the waiter.

The waiter originally felt that she was a Lower Realm ascender so he wasn’t very willing to talk to her. In the end, when he saw her so shrewd and offered some tips, a broad smile immediately appeared on his face.

“Sir, what do you wish to know? Feel free to ask! Although my cultivation isn’t very high, I’m born in Sacred Phoenix Continent and grew up around here. So I know almost everything in Sacred Phoenix Continent!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head. “That’s great! Let me ask you, how many teleportation arrays does Sacred Phoenix Continent have? Which continents do they lead to? If I want to go to Cloudy Qilin Continent, which way should I take?”

When the waiter heard that, he instantly grew anxious and kept looking around to the left and right. After he verified that there wasn’t anyone in the surroundings, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“I say, Sir, you’ve just ascended from the Lower Realm. No wonder you don’t know that you shouldn’t be saying this so carelessly here! We Sacred Phoenix Continent are on Sacred Phoenix Race’s turf. Sacred Phoenix Race had always been on loggerheads with Cloudy Qilin clan. If anyone were to hear you talking about Cloudy Qilin clan here, you might get into trouble! Moreover, a Lower Realm ascender like you doesn’t look like an ancient God clan, isn’t it? Why are you going so far away for? Are you intending to join one of the big forces?”

Huang Yueli blinked and looked at the waiter’s anxious look. She felt rather speechless about this.

She didn’t expect that even mentioning Cloudy Qilin clan’s name was not allowed on Sacred Phoenix Race’s turf!

Would it be the same over at Cloudy Qilin clan’s side?

In that case, when she reached Cloudy Qilin Continent, she had to conceal her identity very well. Otherwise, there would be big trouble…

Her thoughts raced past swiftly, and an enlightened expression appeared on her face. “I see, thank you, Young brother, for your pointer! Actually, I don’t have to join Cloudy… that whatever clan. I just happened to hear of them when I was in the Lower Realm so I thought of going over to take a look… Speaking of this, a Lower Realm practitioner like me doesn’t have any power or status. My ability is also so ordinary, so it should be very difficult to join a large force, right?”

The waiter took a look at her and rubbed his chin. “Speaking of this, you don’t look very old. But since you’re able to ascend to God Realm, your innate talent is much stronger than mine! Why don’t you find a place in Sacred Phoenix Continent to settle down instead? It probably wouldn’t be possible to join the Sacred Phoenix Race but there is plenty of second-rate or third-rate forces in Sacred Phoenix Continent. They also hold a considerable amount of resources. At least, it’s something beyond your imagination for people like you from the Lower Realm!”

In order to conceal her identity, Huang Yueli intentionally disguised herself to be slightly older. She even stuck a mustache on her upper lips.

The current her looked like a slim and comely young man around thirty years old.

Adding on to the fact that she intentionally suppressed her cultivation to look as though she had just broken through to the tenth stage realm, most ordinary practitioners would feel that she was a human race practitioner with human grade innate talent.

Among the Lower Realm ascenders, that innate talent was not too eye-catching.

Hearing what the waiter said, Huang Yueli nodded her head.. “I also think so! But I’ve just arrived in God Realm, so I was thinking of traveling around first to find out about the situation, then decide on which force to join. So, Young brother, can you tell me the situation about the teleportation array in the city…”