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Chapter 2761: She’s Actually Huang Yueli! (4)

No matter what, there should be something wrong somewhere!

As long as they manage to capture Bai Ruoli, the truth would be revealed!

All the practitioners charged forward. Grand Elder He and Old Madam Ling dashed towards Huang Yueli while the others aimed for Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Yu, and Liu Buyan.

However, before they could reach their target, they saw an eye-piercing red glow flashed past their eyes!

A loud boom was heard!

In the loud sound, a huge fire domain with Huang Yueli in the center, instantly broadened!

Powerful fire-attributed energy was like surging waves, sweeping towards the top experts!

Scorching fiery flames covered the skies and earth. There was a surging rampant wave of energy.

Old Madam Ling and the others instantly sensed danger and all of their expressions abruptly changed. They hurriedly tried to defend but it was already too late.

They totally could not stop and dashed right into Huang Yueli’s fire domain!

Blazing flames razed!

Miserable cries were heard from the fire domain. Amid the blazing screen, they could only see blurry figures which were twitching.

That scene left those junior disciples, who were hiding at the back, so shocked that they almost forgot to breathe. Some of them even fainted!

Grand Elder He and the others who were trapped in the fire domain were ninth stage realm peak top exponents after all. Even though they were seriously injured, after they managed to respond, they wouldn’t be willing to wait for death. So all of them used their ultimate life-saving skills to escape from the fire domain.

However, Huang Yueli’s Sky Phoenix Ring had been re-refined and the fire domain which she unleashed was the genuine True Phoenix Fire!

Those top exponents spent a lot of effort before they made a narrow escape from this ancient deviant flame’s encirclement.

But all of them were already badly burnt. Various high tiered Profound Armaments had also melted or shattered under the scorching True Phoenix Fire.

There were a few who died on the spot, and were swallowed by the True Phoenix Fire!

All this happened too quickly!

Various large powerhouses’ top exponents who were raving to kill her were lying on the ground half-dead in such a short time.

The blazing flames extinguished and Huang Yueli’s figure was seen in the flames.

She looked so petite and frail with a palm-sized face that looked extremely innocent. Her sparkly big eyes seemed to contain a little childish nature.

But when all the practitioners looked at her, none of them dared to slight her with disdain. Instead, it was all filled with shock and terror!

In a blink of an eye, she caused such serious injuries to so many Soaring Heavens Continent’s established top exponents!

This kind of ability and this kind of horrifying method was comparable to Mu Chengying from twenty years ago!

Huang Yueli withdrew her surrounding aura and walked forward slowly again.

This time, even though she didn’t unleash any Profound Energy suppression, the junior practitioners all started to retreat. Some were so scared that their knees went weak and they fell to the ground.

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about those minions and stopped right in front of Grand Elder He and the other top exponents.

These people had lost their earlier imposing manner and all of them looked at Huang Yueli with terrified gazes.

There was no doubt that she had absolute power!

No matter who it was, no one could understand how she managed to advance so quickly. But that shocking fire domain was something that everyone witnessed with their own eyes!