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Chapter 2760: She’s Actually Huang Yueli! (3)

Moreover, based on the ancient god clan’s blood flowing in her, her ninth stage realm had surpassed the human race’s tenth stage realm!

Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy’s suppression was too strong. Following each step of pressing nearer, various sect practitioners started to retreat.

Grand Elder He also subconsciously took a step back. But he quickly halted and after a shiver, he regained his consciousness.

Why did he need to retreat? Bai Ruoli’s ability wasn’t very strong and that was something that the entire Soaring Heavens Continent knew about!

No matter how much innate talent she had, she couldn’t jump from sixth stage realm to ninth stage realm, right? Not to mention to have the ability to scare ninth stage realm peak practitioners off!

So, although the young lass’s Profound Energy fluctuations were very strong, that might not necessarily be her true ability. Even if she had eaten some kind of potential invigorating pill, she couldn’t possibly be so strong! She should have cultivated some kind of secret technique in order to hide her ability and deceive everyone!

Thinking of this, Grand Elder Ho raised his voice and shouted, “Everyone stop, you’re not allowed to retreat! No one is allowed to back down anymore! Bai Ruoli doesn’t have such a strong ability. She’s just pretending, don’t be deceived by her!”

Hearing that, everyone was stunned.

Old Madam Ling was a top expert and she immediately regained her senses. Stopping in her tracks, she sneered.

The younger disciples also came around it. Although they felt the qi in their chests swirling, they tried hard to bear with the discomfort and stopped retreating.

“That’s right, we were almost deceived by this wretched lass! I wonder where she learned such an evil skill! Does she think we are all idiots? How would we be tricked by such petty tricks?” Old Madam Ling shrieked loudly.

“Oh? You think this is trickery?” Huang Yueli’s lips curled nonchalantly, as she took another step forward.

Her aura instantly rose again!

Following another step forward, Elder He and the other top experts felt their chests pounding and their meridians had already suffered a serious impact!

Whereas for those younger disciples behind them, it was already very tough for them to stop retreating. Now the pressure increased and several of them fainted after they spat blood out!

“You… you…”

Old Madam Ling’s face turned pale when she saw Huang Yueli walking towards her.

At this moment, those old fogies also realized that Huang Yueli’s ability… was indeed not simple!

After all, aura might be falsified but the damages to their meridians could not be faked! Only real Profound Energy could injure top experts like them!

But, this… how is this possible?

How on earth did she do it??

Grand Elder He silently clenched his teeth and suddenly, he charged towards Huang Yueli instead!

At the same time, he roared, “Everyone, stay calm! Although we don’t know why this lass has such a strong ability, her foundation is not stable. If we really engage in a fight, she wouldn’t be able to display her power at all! Let me take her down. The rest of you, cover me and block off Cang Po Jun and the others!”

All the top experts had the same idea in mind. Without thinking too much, they followed Grand Elder He’s instructions and dashed out!

Even if Huang Yueli’s suppression had given them a shock, but no one would ever believe that a young lass like her had sufficient power to crush all of them!