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Chapter 2252: No choice but to lower their heads (1)

“If you must blame someone, then you can only blame Junior Sister Wan’er for her carelessness!”

Meng Wan’er struggled to stay awake, originally hoping to see Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples exacting revenge on Huang Yueli for injuring her seriously, making that wretched lass regret for her wrongdoings.

In the end, whoever knew that the moment she opened her eyes, what she saw was the entire group of disciples holding Huang Yueli in high regards, almost lifting her to the sky!

There was even no one who helped Meng Wan’er speak out, thinking that she deserved her injury!

Meng Wan’er was so angry that she almost fainted once again as the blood was swirling around her chest area and she threw up several mouthfuls of blood again.

Luckily, Meng Hongye had been staying beside her and kept on injecting Profound Energy into her body, helping her to stabilise her blood flow while restoring her meridians.

After a moment later, Meng Wan’er slightly recovered a bit of strength.

She couldn’t care about the others and started screaming at Huang Yueli, “You… it’s you this slut, who caused me to turn out so miserably! It’s all your fault, if it wasn’t for you, how would I possibly… possibly…..”

Right in the middle of her berating, she couldn’t catch her breath again and started coughing repeatedly.

Huang Yueli put on a concerned face as she walked over and spoke out in self-blame, “Young Miss Meng, this…. Really sorry about it. I really didn’t expect that your accuracy to be so bad when you struck out… if I’d known earlier, I would absolutely not dare to let you do the testing for the mechanism…..”

Meng Wan’er had finally managed to stop coughing and on hearing these words, she started coughing once again.

On the surface, Huang Yueli seemed to be apologizing to her but what would the other people think when they heard that? They definitely thought that her ability was just too lousy! Against a totally non-living giant mechanism, but yet still miss the target!

Meng Wan’er clenched her teeth as she said, “You… you still have the cheek to say that! You’ve obviously done that on purpose! Why is it that I attacked the mechanism so many times earlier but nothing happened yet at the very last strike, I was rebounded by it? You’ve obviously done something fishy in the dark!”

Huang Yueli showed a frightened look and explained in an aggrieved manner, “This… I can explain this. This mechanism is just this big so not all the positions would result in rebound and harm, only if someone attacked that small piece of position in the centre would result in the rebound. But when one attacked the other positions, those Profound Energy would be stored within the mechanism and if anyone attacked the centre position, then all the stored Profound Energy within the mechanism would all be unleashed, causing a serious impact towards that attacker…”

Hearing that, those present finally understood why this happened.

Earlier, everyone was still curious on the reason why Meng Wan’er was only rebounded and injured during the last attack whereas she was perfectly alright on previous attempts. Could it be that there was a frequency for the rebound and moreover the frequency was extremely low?

Now, hearing Huang Yueli’s explanation, everyone finally understood it clearly.

So whether the mechanism would rebound and injury or not, mainly it would depend on the position of the attack and had nothing to do with the frequency.

Meng Wan’er almost couldn’t breathe, “You… you…. why didn’t you say so earlier?? Or you intentionally didn’t mention this??”

Meng Wan’er felt that she was like an idiot as that last strike was exactly aiming at the centre position.

She was simply sending herself to the doorstep for a beating!

Moreover, she even used up all her Profound Energy for that one move!

From the impact of that rebound, just the thought alone made one shudder.

She hadn’t been flung to her death alive earlier, she was really considered lucky!