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Chapter 2229: Two requests (5)

Meng Hongye frowned subconsciously, “You’re heading towards Lone One Summit? That is an extremely dangerous place…”

Huang Yueli replied, “that’s right, could Valley Master Meng not dare to send anyone to Lone One Summit?”

Meng Hongye gave a slight scoff, “What’s there to not dare to? If you really have the ability to restore the mechanism, then for this small matter, we Ice Serpent Valley will naturally give our best. What about the other request?”

“Second request is… I hope to borrow your Sect’s prized treasure – Claret Crystal Bracelet for our use!”

“What?” Meng Hongye cried out in surprise and subsequently her gaze turned cold as she stared at Huang Yueli, “Where did you find out about the Claret Crystal Bracelet?”

Huang Yueli was stared upon by a ninth stage realm peak practitioner like Meng Hongye but still remained at ease, totally not affected by the Profound Energy might which she unleashed, as she spoke frankly with assurance.

“Palace Lord Huang had briefly mentioned about this ancient half god relic which had been passed down, in her armament refining notebook! The Claret Crystal Bracelet was refined using a Thousand Lux claret crystal and this material can only be found in the God Realm. The greatest use of this is to stabilize one’s primordial state and to protect the meridians.”

“In the ancient times, many God clans cultivated the maniacization cultivation method which could arouse their own innate power, far surpassing the real ability that they have! But in this manner, practitioner’s primordial state and meridians would most likely be unable to withstand such a huge pressure, resulting in the collapse of their primordial spirits and their meridians would also break off resulting in death! Hence the Claret Crystal Bracelet became a treasure which all god realm practitioners who practiced the maniacization cultivation method, would lose a family fortune over it.”

The more Meng Hongye heard, the more astonished she got and when she finally heard it all, she nodded her head and said, “What you said is correct and it looks like you weren’t lying earlier. You’ve indeed obtained Huang Yueli’s legacy. Regarding the matter about the Claret Crystal Bracelet, in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, other than us Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples, she’s the only one who knows about it!”

“But…” Meng Hongye stared at her and her attitude remained resolute, “Since you know that the Claret Crystal Bracelet is Ice Serpent Valley’s secret treasure, then you should also know that there’s no way that This Valley Master can possibly lend such a valuable item to you! This request, I absolutely cannot promise you!”

“But, Valley Master Meng…..”

Not waiting for Huang Yueli to finish her words, Meng Hongye interrupted her, “Young Miss Bai, I will end my words here. If you’re just looking for a guide, we can discuss that but if you want the Claret Crystal Bracelet, even if you are able to restore all the mechanisms that Palace Lord Huang had left behind, I also will not possibly agree to it!”

“Is Valley Master Meng serious? If I were to say… I can not only restore the arrays that Palace Lord Huang left behind, I can also restore the ancient array in the most exterior zone? Even if that’s the case, wouldn’t Valley Master Meng consider it at all, to lend me the Claret Crystal Bracelet? I can guarantee that as long as we leave the frozen zone, we will return it to you then!”

Huang Yueli’s voice had just ended when Meng Hongye revealed an astonished expression, “What? How did you know that in the exterior zone of the Ice Serpent Valley lies an ancient array?”

Following that, she reacted in time, “Right, it must be that the information had been left behind in Palace Lord Huang’s notebook right? Ha ha, you’re able to find about these and that’s nothing strange about it but to think of restoring an ancient mechanism? Young lady, you’re still too young and you’ve simplified things too much! Perhaps you indeed have not bad armament refining innate talent or have even obtained Palace Lord Huang’s legacy, but an ancient mechanism even baffled Palace Lord Huang back then, you… can stop dreaming about it!”

However, Huang Yueli was insistent as she continued, “What if I really can restore it?”