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Chapter 2228: Two requests (4)

“Bai Ruoli, aren’t you pasting too much gold on your face? You merely read a notebook that Palace Lord Huang left behind and we don’t even know if that’s true or not! Did you think that you’re able to restore the ninth ranked array? I’ll tell you the truth! Our Ice Serpent Valley has a few eighth ranked Armament Masters of our own and even they are also helpless towards these mechanisms and arrays! Do you feel that you’re more awesome than them?”

Meng Wan’er gave a cold laugh as her chin was raised super high up.

She intentionally spoke this out in public just so that Li Moying could hear about this and she could let him know that this fiancée of his was a woman who overestimated herself!

Whoever knew that Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t hear what she said as he didn’t even bat an eyelid, only fully concentrated on watching his little fox as though other than his beloved woman, there was nothing else that could be contained in his eyes.

Huang Yueli shot an eye at Meng Wan’er as her voice also turned chilly.

“Young Miss Meng, I’m now talking to Valley Master Meng, will you please not interrupt us!”

“You… on what basis do you have to lecture me?” Meng Wan’er’s face changed.

Huang Yueli’s tone remained neither fast nor slow, “On the basis that you have no right to make any decisions in Ice Serpent Valley! Your Master has already stated her request and I’ve also agreed to it so I have the qualifications to state my conditions! Young Miss Meng jumped out at this moment, casually saying that you’re going to overturn your Master’s decision. Is Ice Serpent Valley going back on your words or are you this disciple simply have no regard for your elders?”

“You—!” Meng Wan’er was said in such a way by her manner and she was so angry that she almost jumped up but yet she didn’t know how to rebuke her!

Because what Huang Yueli said was valid reasoning.

Meng Hongye had already made a decision and as a disciple, for her to butt in openly to oppose it, there was no way this could be acceptable!

But on seeing Huang Yueli’s self-confident look, she just couldn’t swallow down this.

Just at this moment, Meng Hongye’s sharp voice barked, “Enough, Wan’er! What’s the matter with you today? This Valley Master is talking to Young Miss Bai, how can you interrupt us like this? Do you still know the rules or not?”

Meng Wan’er heard her master speaking out and moreover in such a harsh manner, she immediately got anxious.

Ice Serpent Valley was very strict regarding hierarchy and the rules here were strict hence the crime of disrespecting one’s elders was a huge crime.

She then realised that she had been smitten by Li Moying so much that it had gotten into her head, for her to actually do such a dumb thing! This time round, she would not be able to escape Meng Hongye’s anger!

Huang Yueli smiled when she saw that, “No matter, junior knows that I am still young and it’s perfectly normal for everyone to doubt my ability. I’ve already said this earlier, by then the truth shall speak for itself!”

When Meng Hongye saw her natural and unrestrained attitude, it actually made her see the young lass in a new light.

Facing a large powerhouse like Ice Serpent Valley, under the circumstance of being doubted but yet not a sliver of fear could be detected, neither being too servile nor too overbearing as every single movement of hers maintained a top exponent’s demeanour!

This kind of lady might really have some skills!

Although Meng Hongye still didn’t believe that she was able to restore the mechanism, but in her heart, she already started to lean towards helping them.

Because of that, her tone had turned gentler, “Young Miss Bai, what are your conditions? You can list it out and we can hear about it.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Alright, if I’m able to restore Palace Lord Huang’s mechanisms, then I have two requests. First I hope Valley Master Meng can send an Ice Serpent Valley disciple who is most familiar with the frozen zone, to accompany us to Lone One Summit!”