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Chapter 2187: Who was that exactly (1)

All these happened in a moment in a flash.

Cang Po Jun’s reaction was after all still slower than Li Moying’s than half a beat and it was until this moment when he completely reacted in time as he drew out his long sword and stood in front of Li Moying and Liu Buyan.

Earlier that top exponent who had snuck an attack had suffered the might of Li Moying’s electric-currents and couldn’t help but give a dull groan as he backed off repeatedly, stopping his attacks.

However, the black robed man’s jade box was snatched away from that person.

The few of them then realised that the person who snuck an attack on Liu Buyan earlier was a black robed man, and different from the other black robed men, his face was covered by an exquisite ghost mask.

This mask, at one look, was extremely terrifying but if one took a careful look, they would find that it was both antique but yet elaborate as it revealed a mysterious but strange aura.

When Li Moying saw that, he felt puzzled but he didn’t reveal any emotions, “May I know who you are?”

The ghost masked man didn’t reply but used an unfathomable gaze against the mask while sizing Li Moying up.

This gaze had a gloomy cold imposing manner and that made one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Cang Po Jun couldn’t help but held on to his sword tightly as he shouted out sharply, “Outrageous! What are you looking at? Who do you think you are? How dare you offend our Young Sect Master!”

“Young Sect Master?” The the ghost masked man’s voice containing ridicule was heard, “Ha ha ha, that’s interesting… you’re Li Moying?”

Li Moying sneered, “That’s right, who are you then? Hiding yourself from start to stop, what can we do for you?”

The ghost masked man laughed coldly and his laughter was extremely sharp which made one horrified, “Indeed it’s you, good, very good! It has been a long time since anyone was able to hurt me! You’re indeed exceptional! Too bad… you’re not Mu Chengying after all and you can’t make me stay! This Bipolar Black Orchid… you’re destined not to get it!”

He spoke so arrogantly and didn’t show the slightest hint of respect to Li Moying and in the protective Cang Po Jun’s ears, it was naturally extremely ear piercing.

He almost couldn’t control himself as he wanted to teach that ghost masked man a lesson.

However, Li Moying pressed his hand on his shoulder and shook his head, indicating for him not to act recklessly.

“Then… what price do you want, before you’re willing to return the Bipolar Black Orchid to me?” Li Moying’s tone was peaceful, as though he had already accepted his own failure and prepared to use the method of exchange to exchange the medicinal herb with the ghost masked man.

Cang Po Jun felt unresigned but he understood that in the current situation, getting back the Bipolar Black Orchid was the most pressing matter on hand.

No matter what price he had to pay, as long as Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness could be cured, then they would be able to exact their revenge in future!

The ghost masked man could also tell that Li Moying was using the delay tactic and immediately gave off a hoarse sneer, “In order to get back the Bipolar Black Orchid, what price is Young Sect Master Li willing to pay?”

Li Moying’s expression was still composed, “Why don’t you tell me your conditions instead?”

The ghost masked man chuckled as he pointed his finger at Huang Yueli who wasn’t standing too far away, “I want… that young lass behind you!”

Li Moying’s expression changed, “What do you mean?”

The ghost masked man scoffed coldly, “As long as Young Sect Master Li is willing to let your fiancée leave with me, I’ll give this stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid back to you!”

“Day dreaming!”

Li Moying’s handsome countenance flashed past a murderous intent as the Amethyst Light Sword kept giving off minute electrifying sounds uncontrollably.

The ghost masked man’s vision shifted towards the longsword in Li Moying’s hand, apparently having restraining fear over it.