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Chapter 2131: New Deviant Flame (1)

“This… this lass… how is it possible?”

Just as he was doubting his life, suddenly he heard a slightly audible argument coming from the window.

“You’re actually sneaking a peek right here? Are you trying to pilfer the skills? Aren’t you a little too shameless?”

“This is the first time my wife is refining pills, what’s wrong with me taking a look?”

“What your wife? Don’t be overly delighted, you’re still not married yet!”

“We will be sooner or later! You already have no more chance!”

The more Dai Boqi heard, the more speechless he got as his brows quivered for a few seconds and he finally could not endure it any further as he pushed open the room door.

“The both of you! You’re really enough! Can you have a little bit of the Sky Chart top exponent’s bearing? You even did something like spying? Since you want to take a look that badly, just come in directly!”

The two men were first stunned before they revealed an overjoyed expression.

But when they walked to the door, Liu Buyan swept an irreconciled look at the man next to him, “Master, are you really going to let an outsider take a look when you’re teaching your disciple?”

Dai Boqi replied indifferently, “It’s just the refinement of a first levelled pill and that prescription is out there everywhere so is there a need to hide it? Moreover speaking, Young Sect Master Li is not of Fire and Earth attribute so even if he saw it, he wouldn’t be able to learn it right?”

When Li Moying heard that, his brows rose slightly but he didn’t open his mouth to speak out the truth.

In actual fact, his Earth and Fire attributes innate talent wasn’t bad at all and he wasn’t any worse off than Huang Yueli. Perhaps if he just learnt slightly, he might really be able to refine some pills.

But if Dai Boqi were to find out about it, perhaps he might force him to acknowledge him as Master. He didn’t have this kind of free time, so…. it was better not to say anything at all.

Dai Boqi suppressed his voice, “Come in and take a look but you must be quiet, and not disturb Lass Li from refining the pills.”

The two of them followed along the walls and walked into the room and they and just stood still when Liu Buyan suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Li Moying’s actions were swift as he covered his mouth, stuffing his voice back into his throat.

Liu Buyan shook Li Moying’s hand away vigorously as he lowered his voice and asked in disbelief, “Master, I… am I seeing things? Little Junior Sister actually… actually had reached the ethereal state of enlightment, she… how is that possible?” Liu Buyan was still in disbelief.

Dai Boqi replied, “This old man is very surprised as well but the truth is right in front of us, so how could it be fake?”

Liu Buyan was still in shock but Li Moying couldn’t understand it at all as he butted in, “Divine Doctor Dai, may I ask, this ethereal state of enlightment… what do you mean by that?”

Dai Boqi took a look at him and explained, “Young Sect Mster Li, this is one saying that we Pill Masters use. The process of refining pills is actually to communicate with the medicinal herbs thereby unleashing even more medicinal power in the process. Ethereal state of enlightment is the condition of highly effective communication with the plants and under this state, Pill Masters are able to draw out ninety percent of the medicinal power. Do you see those halos above the medicinal herbs in the pill furnace? That is the symbol of the medicinal power being drawn out at the largest degree…”

Li Moying followed Dai Boqi’s finger’s direction and indeed saw a layer of pale green light enveloping the medicinal herbs which Huang Yueli was controlling in the pill furnace.

His lips curled but he was actually not feeling very astonished by this in his heart.