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Chapter 2092: Aren’t you a little too wild! (3)
He used ninety percent of his power the minute he struck.

The places where his strike had brushed past left behind traces of a red coloured energy and the surrounding air also turned scorching hot in an instant.

Huang Yueli’s heart jolted when she sensed that incredibly strong aura charging towards them!

Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu couldn’t tell Li Moying’s limit but she was very clear that Li Moying’s body condition was not as good as what it was on the surface!

Previously when Liu Buyan and Dai Boqi had done the consultation for him, they had already told her that before the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill was refined, he should not attempt to advance, and he should never fight with anyone.

Earlier, in order to save her, Li Moying had already taken a palm strike from Chi Xiao Jiu and she didn’t know if it would affect his illness.

Now that Chi Xiao Jiu was showing such an aggressive attitude, it was secondary if Li Moying could fight evenly with this Sky Chart’s top exponent, but even if he won, it might cause his Soul Detachment Illness to act up!

Huang Yueli’s little face turned pale with fright as she subconsciously wanted to dash out and blocked herself in front of Li Moying.

However, how would Li Moying not know what his Li’er was thinking about as he had long been prepared and his arm pulled taut and threw her behind him!

“No, you can’t! Moying—!” Huang Yueli could not help but cry out!

Li Moying’s expression was extremely composed as the Profound Energy in his body kept on increasing!

Just at this moment when things were hanging on a fine line, two figures suddenly dashed out from Huang Yueli’s sides!

Huang Yueli wanted to dash next to Li Moying’s side but her arm was held by someone behind. She tried hard to struggle for a moment but she wasn’t able to struggle free.

“Grandmaster Huang, don’t be rash. Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen!” This voice sounded extremely familiar.

Huang Yueli turned her head back and saw Cang Po Hun standing behind her, and he was still panting hard.

On seeing her turned over, Cang Po Hun then revealed an assured smile, “Chi Xiao Jiu’s thoughts weren’t on cultivating for the past few years so his ability is really nothing much, and he’s totally not Big Bro’s match!”

Huang Yueli immediately realised that the two figures whom she had faintly saw earlier seemed to be Cang Po Jun and guys.

She then heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly turned her head over, to see that Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu had already dashed in front of Li Moying as the both of them struck out together!

The both of them were top exponents on the Sky Chart and Cang Po Jun’s ranking was above Chi Xiao Jiu’s, moreover the both of them were up against one.

Chi Xiao Jiu had totally not expected someone to suddenly pop out and moreover, they were such top rated exponents!

Momentarily, he wasn’t able to evade in time.

Power Profound Energy forced back his fire attributed Profound Energy, crashing heavily back onto his chest.

Chi Xiao Jiu was repeatedly pushed back several times but he was still unable to control himself as he fell backwards!

“Chi Xiao Jiu?? You… what’s the matter with you?” Ling Qing Yu shrieked out in shock and on turning back, her expression instantly turned terrible, “Guardian Jun, Guardian Yu, it’s you guys…..”

She was naturally old acquaintances with both Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu and in the past when Huang Yueli was still alive, she had some dealings with them.

But now, Cang Po Jun and the others all chose to directly ignore her as they turned towards Li Moying and bowed respectfully to him.

“Young Sect Master, This Subordinate has arrived late and caused you distress, will Young Sect Master please mete out the punishment!”

When Ling Qing Yu saw this, she was so astonished that she could not say a single word!

It was very clear to all Sky Emperor City’s large powerhouses on what kind of positions Cang Po Jun and the other Guardians held in Blue Profound Sect.

After Mu Chengying went into closed door cultivation, the few Guardians had been helming Blue Profound Sect to handle all the Sect’s affairs and in terms of authority, Cang Po Jun was no difference from the Sovereign.