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Chapter 1888
Chapter 1888: Grandmaster Huang ran off with someone (1)

No one had expected Huang Yueli to suddenly pop out at this very moment .

But the both of them were like arrows on the taut bow and there was no way that they would not shoot out . Furthermore, it was exactly because of Huang Yueli’s appearance which made them have the urge to send the other party to their death bed!

On seeing that Li Moying and Liu Buyan were about to strike out, Huang Yueli had no time to consider any longer as she immediately charged forward and stood in between the both of them .

“Li’er, have you gone insane!!!”

“Young Miss Bai, damnit—!”

The two men gave of a shrill of terror simultaneously and at the same crucial last moment, they coerced themselves to stop .

At this stage, trying to retract their Profound Energy which had already been pushed to the limit would definitely suffer from a vigorous backlash but they no longer cared about their own bodies as they only had one thought in their minds and that was to absolutely not hurt Huang Yueli!

Powerful Profound Energy gushed back into their meridians, making them spat out blood on the spot!

Li Moying’s condition was originally on the verge of collapse and after suffering such a heavy blow, his body flew backwards as he crashed heavily on the wall and subsequently landed on the ground .

Liu Buyan was also pushed back for more than ten over steps and in the end, he couldn’t support himself up as he knelt on the ground with a pale face while clutching his chest and throwing up blood .

Huang Yueli stood right smack in the centre of the raging Profound Energy storm and although the two men had already exhausted their limit to retract their power, she still sustained some damages as her chest felt as though it was churning and had a strong desire to spit out blood .

But she still held herself back forcibly as she turned her head to take a look at Li Moying .

“Moying, you… . how are you feeling?”

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Li Moying’s eyes were half shut as he leaned his head against the wall while holding a last puff of breath . His head was so dizzy that it had reached the limit and even though he’d like to climb up, but no matter how much he tried, it was almost impossible for him to lift even a finger so he could only suppress his pain as he moaned softly, “Li… . Li’er… . . ”

“Moying, don’t scare me!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened in terror as she was about to pounce over to take a look at him .

But at this very moment, the shaking Liu Buyan who had already readjusted his breathing had already stood up .

His eyes were staring straight at Huang Yueli as his flowy white shirt was already stained with a large patch of blood stain .

Huang Yueli felt his stare and turned around as she looked at him in alertness, “Liu Buyan, you…”

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Liu Buyan’s lips parted tremblingly, “You also choose him, right?”

Huang Yueli wasn’t able to react in time as she subconsciously asked, “What?”

Liu Buyan wanted to say something else but at this very moment, Cang Po Jun and guardians had already rushed in and on seeing Li Moying’s in such a miserable state, their expressions suddenly underwent a change .

The trio immediately blocked themselves in front of Li Moying and facing Liu Buyan, they couldn’t wait to tear him to shreds .

Although Liu Buyan looked to be in a much better state than Li Moying, but at this very moment he was like an arrow at the end of its flight . If he moved slightly, his internal organs felt as though it was scorched by fire, totally unable to cross hands with anyone .

Needless to say, facing him were three ninth stage realm peak top exponents .

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He knew that there was no way for him to snatch Huang Yueli so after a brief moment of hesitation, although he wasn’t reconciled, he could only choose to retreat .

Liu Buyan didn’t say a single word as he moved back several steps and suddenly turned around, driving him body movement Profound Skill and left Blue Profound Sect .

Cang Po Jun and the others heaved a sigh of relief, “He’s finally left… men, quickly get Divine Doctor Shangguan over… . . ”

He had yet to finish his sentence when a figure suddenly flashed past him .