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Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen surrounded Liu Yongsheng’s group of troublemakers unknowingly. So, no need to bother blocking a servant. Because even themselves cannot afford to run.

Wave after wave, problems just came pouring down. Liu Yongsheng was a still thinking how to counterattack, but suddenly, Xiao Wangfu’s servants came out with ink sticks and papers.

“Wangfei, the ink sticks and papers are now ready.” The servant went close and reported to Lin Chujiu after giving the ink stick and paper to all of the people.

“Very well.” Lin Chujiu simply said, then she waves her hand after saying: “Go back and assist them. Make sure to help each one of the victims of injustice to write their grievances. Don’t leave anyone unattended.”

As soon as Lin Chujiu finished saying her words, a group of Xiao Wangfu’s servants spread and completely didn’t worry about her.

“No, no … … there’s no need.” Liu Yongsheng wanted to refuse, but no one listens to him.

“Wangfei, we will also go to help.” Seeing this, Su Cha said and walk away behind Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu stopped him: “No need, Young Master Su Cha just need to watch the good show.”

There’s no need to hurry, she still has a lot of time.

“Princess Xiao, we… cannot write our grievances clearly. Just let us see Prince Xiao.” One of the scholar student that has a little brain said. Because he understands what Lin Chujiu is planning. So, he simply refuses to cooperate.

Writing down the law is not a problem, it can be written down as good or bad. But, this situation is different.

“Prince Xiao is sick, he can’t meet you all. So, just write down all of your grievances. Rest assured, I’ll present them all to him.” Lin Chujiu said the same reason. And she doesn’t mind repeating them a few times more. But then, she added: “Oh! And before they leave. Make sure to write clearly their full name and place of origin. So that if Prince Xiao will look for them in the future. It won’t be hard anymore.”

This is a threat! This is definitely a threat! Lin Chujiu just didn’t say it clearly. The scholar students wanted to say that Lin Chujiu is not only threatening them, but also slandering the royal family. However, … …

“No, I have no grievances, I don’t have anything to write. Princess Xiao, I don’t have any grievances. Can I leave now?” Some of the scholar students know that their current situation is not good. So, they wanted to escape immediately, but… …

You dared to come, so don’t expect that you can just leave easily!

It’s not just a sudden impulse, you just need to pay the price for your actions. 

“Oh, you can’t. You’re seeking justice for all of these people. So, how can you just leave them ah?” Lin Chujiu said and wave her hand to indicate the guardsmen to come forward: “Help this Young Master to write his grievances.”

“Princess Xiao, you’re not helping. You’re taking advantage of us! You’re forcing us!” Some scholar students who refused shouted loudly.

“Taking advantage? How did I? You wanted to plead, so I gave you this opportunity. So, why are you saying that I am forcing you?” Lin Chujiu said with the highest sense of morality. After all, she’s not afraid of what these people are saying.

“You! You’re threatening us! You’re just threatening us!” Several scholar students started shouting. So, the crowd started joining too.

They’re not stupid. Once they had written down their grievances, their life will definitely be destroyed.

The scholar students know that Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen wouldn’t dare to hurt them. So each one of them tried pushing the guards to break their defense and escape.

Are they not allowed to get scared?

Are they not allowed to stop playing?

Of course, not!

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