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Chapter 88.2
Chapter 88: Hidden card and their fault (Part 2)

Because if these group of civilian cause trouble again and again. Where will the Xiao Wangfu’s people put their face ah? 

However, Lin Chujiu just keep sitting quietly. She didn’t scold back the people for being so noisy. She just let them curse non-stop and express their thoughts.

At first, the people thought that after their long cursing, Lin Chujiu will get scared and felt wronged. But after a long time, Lin Chujiu didn’t even respond. So, they felt like they got punch with a cotton and blocked their breath. Because after that, they could no longer vent out their anger.

Seeing that the representative of Xiao Wangfu didn’t even react, the people that were rioting shut their mouth at the same time. After they had quiet down, only then Lin Chujiu opened her mouth and said: “Why did you all stop? Could

it be that after shouting for a long time you all felt thirsty? Ok, then I’ll give you all a tea.”

After the deadly noise, the maidservants behind Lin Chujiu forget to react. So, Su Cha reminded them to rush and prepare the tea.

“Princess Xiao, we didn’t come here to drink a tea.” Liu Yongsheng said in generalization.

“I know that you only came here to make trouble.” Lin Chujiu simply said, but then she raised her hand and pointed her finger to the kneeling elderly and children to the front row while saying: “You are young and strong that’s why you can hold on. But, these elderly and children are too old and too young to keep up with you.”

After saying that, she turned her head and look at Zhenzhu and Feicui: “Go to the kitchen and tell Housekeeper Cao to prepare steam bread for all of these people. Tell

Tell him that these people have been staying here since morning, so they must be feeling hungry by now.”

“Yes, Wangfei.” Zhenzhu and Feicui stood up from kneeling and turned around immediately to follow Lin Chujiu’s command.

“What is she trying to do? Liu Bai who got puzzled look at Su Cha and asked.

“I don’t know.” Su Cha only vaguely guessed a little, but he won’t talk about it with him.

“You certainly guess a bit. Let me hear it.” Liu Bai said while poking his elbow to Su Cha. However, Su Cha only took two steps away from him and said: “No matter what Wangfei do, we only need to look. Because Wangye is not here.”

As the representative of the troublemakers, Liu Yongsheng also wants to know what Lin Chujiu is trying to do. So, he directly asked her: “Princess Xiao, what do you mean?”

Are you trying to buy us with foods?

You must be dreaming!


be dreaming!

They are not lacking in money, so they can buy foods. They have a high position and handsome salary. So why would she do such a stupid things?

“What does this princess mean? Are you thinking that this princess is trying to buy you with foods? You’re not qualified to think that. Look at all these old people, their complexion is now pale. I’m afraid that they might be starving.” Lin Chujiu’s words sound so light as the wind. Her voice doesn’t have any trace of nervousness or anxiety. These people came to seek justice if they won’t eat, where would they get the strength to speak all their grievances?

Liu Yongsheng’s complexion is also looking pale, but he’s still trying to act tough: “Princess Xiao, we came here to seek justice. But, Prince Xiao sent a woman. What is the meaning of that?”

Liu Yongsheng’s real purpose is to drag Xiao Tianyao drag Xiao Tianyao out. He wants Lin Chujiu to clearly know that.

With Liu Yongsheng’s scornful expression, Lin Chujiu decided to say: “Oh, didn’t I tell you that Prince Xiao’s disease reoccurred? Divine Doctor Mo is checking his condition, so it’s not very convenient for him to come out.”

“Prince Xiao’s old disease reoccurred?” When was it?” Seeing Liu Yongsheng’s panic eyes, Lin Chujiu smile and said: “Didn’t I tell you? Wangye was supposed to come out. But, when he heard that someone made trouble in front of his gate. He immediately stood up and broke his legs.”

Meaning: It’s because of them that’s why Xiao Tianyao’s old disease reoccurred.

Liu Yongsheng who’s looking paled, busily replied: “You didn’t say anything like that. That’s why we don’t know about it.”

“Really?” Lin Chujiu rubbed her temple: “You give me so much headache, so I forgot to say such an important thing.”

Huh? It’s still their fault?

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