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Outside the Jin Tian Courtyard, Su Cha and Liu Bai have already been waiting for Xiao Tianyao. So, when Liu Bai saw Lin Chujiu came out with the guardsmen, he frowned: “Why are you… …? Isn’t what your father had done not enough, so you decided to come out and cause more trouble to Wangye?”

Liu Bai’s flow of words to Lin Chujiu are all but a ‘big hat, no cattle’ (All talk, but has nothing to back it up). So, at that moment, Lin Chujiu’s cold eyes immediately swept to Liu Bai.

Lin Chujiu knows that Liu Bai wanted to see Xiao Tianyao’s face, but he doesn’t need to argue with her, right? So, Lin Chujiu can only think about his feelings to Mo Yuer as a reason. He was the one that helps Mo Yuer to force Xiao Tianyao to accept her. So, Lin Chujiu doesn’t think Liu Bai has the right to convey his feelings.

“If it’s not me, then should it be Miss Mo? Should she be the one that represents Xiao Wangfu?” Lin Chujiu open her mouth and said to irritate back Liu Bai by using his beloved person.

“What are you saying? Are you looking down on Miss Mo? Miss Mo is far better than you! She doesn’t cause any harm to people unlike you and your family.” Liu Bai’s facial expression changed and viciously said.

Lin Chujiu coldly snorted, she was completely unaffected: “Liu Bai daren seems doesn’t understand the situation. Miss Mo is not part of Xiao Family, so she is not qualified to represent Xiao Wangfu.”

“Lin Chujiu, don’t think that because you are a woman, I wouldn’t dare to hit you.”  Liu Bai raised his fist and was about to hit Lin Chujiu. Fortunately, Su Cha was able to stop him on time: “Bai, stop talking nonsense.”

“What nonsense? I only said the truth. If it wasn’t because of her father, do you think we would be in this kind of situation?” Liu Bai said and put all the blame to Lin Chujiu. He simply cannot see the actual her in his eyes.

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer back, nor look at Liu Bai. After all, she cannot argue with him on that matter.

“What is the current situation outside?” Lin Chujiu look at Su Cha, then asked. She believes, Su Cha is a wise a man. And right now, she needed such a person to help her because she cannot escape this problem. But not only her, because Xiao Tianyao won’t be able to escape too.

Indeed, Su Cha is far better than Liu Bai. He believes that Xiao Tianyao let Lin Chujiu go out to solve this matter. Xiao Tianyao believes in her and doesn’t put her in the same shoes with Lin Xiang. He is giving her a chance to prove her own ability to Xiao Wangfu.

So, Su Cha, who is angrily blocking Liu Bai’s hand reported: “The situation outside is not good. I don’t know where all those old women and scholar students came from. They just suddenly rushed to the front gate, when the old men fell on the ground. Those old men were just slightly pushed away by the guardsmen. But, when some of them got injured. They started cursing right away. We reported this bullying to the government officials immediately. But, they haven’t arrived yet. It’s more like they don’t plan on coming.”

When Su Cha was still saying a thing or two, Lin Chujiu was already able to understand what’s happening.

The Government Officials are unreliable. So, she doesn’t need to expect their help. She cannot scold those people outside… …

Scolding those scholar students will only make them madder.

“I understand.” Lin Chujiu said and no longer ask a thing. Then, she started to walk forward.  However, no matter what Liu Bai thinks, Su Cha busily chase after her: “Wangfei, where are you going?”

“Changing clothes.” Lin Chujiu simply said. She didn’t even turn her head when she replied to him. Su Cha tried to keep up with her, but he was stopped by the guard that was following behind Lin Chujiu, then said: “Young Master Su Cha, Wangye ordered us to follow whatever Wangfei had decided to do.”

The Guard said to Su Cha, but just by hearing it, Liu Bai’s face immediately change in color: “How can Tianyao believe her? All these things happened because of that Lin Xiang!”

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