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However, even if Xiao Tianyao can get out from this predicament. She can’t guarantee that Xiao Wangfu won’t be put in a difficult position. After all, they didn’t let her prepare from this.

“Wangfei, those people outside are acting like crazy. They don’t have a sense of propriety right now. It will be bad if Wangfei will meet them.” Housekeeper Cao came forward to persuade Lin Chujiu.

It’s not like Housekeeper Cao doesn’t believe in Lin Chujiu, it’s more like he’s afraid for her to get in trouble. Because if something embarrassing happens to Lin Chujiu, their Wangye can still accept her. But, the royal family will definitely not.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak, but he looked at Lin Chujiu. He knew the reason why she is doing this. She wanted to keep her promise, she wanted to prove that she is useful.

Lin Chujiu knows that it’s very dangerous outside, so what can she do?

Lin Chujiu wry smile, then said: “I am Princess Xiao. Xiao Wangfu’s Imperial Mistress. Aside from me, who else can deal with this matter? Wangye can’t go out. Doctor Mo said that the treatment had reached the critical moment, so there shouldn’t be any slightest mistake.” 

“But, Wangfei you … …” are only a weak woman, so what’s the use?

HousekeeperCao bitterly looks at Xiao Tianyao. Hoping that he would say something to stop her. However, Xiao Tianyao said: “Can you solve the problem outside?”

“I wouldn’t know unless I’ll try. Wangye, cannot go out. Apart from me, who else in the family will come forward?” Lin Chujiu gradually calms down herself and started writing a manuscript inside her heart.

With all the crisis she dealt in this world, Lin Chujiu learned a thing or two. However, she doesn’t know if those things are quite enough, but she is willing to put everything on the line.

The treatment of the world to classy people are obviously different. The treatment between aristocracy and commoners are a world apart. So the behavior of these ordinary people to besieged Xiao Wangfu can be said to be very outrageous. The law exists to arrest the person who had sinned, so they don’t need to make a big trouble like this.

Xiao Tianyao looks at Lin Chujiu’s eyes deeply, then nodded his head and said: “Well, you can go. Benwang will believe you this once.”

Obviously, Lin Chujiu is helping him to get out from this danger, but he is still a strong headed as ever. However, Lin Chujiu really need this opportunity, so that her position in Xiao Wangfu remain.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and no longer think. She turned around and let Housekeeper Cao help her to prepare Xiao Tianyao’s clothes.

On the battlefield, the armor is indispensable. However, for a woman, her gallant life is her best armor!


Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer doesn’t know what’s happening to the outside. So, when they saw Lin Chujiu coming out, the two of them got puzzled. However, they don’t want to ask her directly, so they said instead: “Wangfei, you’re going out from Jing Tian Courtyard? Aren’t you going to massage Wangye’s legs? Are you going back?”

Their series of questions made Lin Chujiu’s mood turn bad. So, she replied with full of dissatisfaction: “Doctor Mo, I am not a prisoner and Jing Tian Courtyard is not my cage. So, me, going out is not your business. Oh, about Wangye? Rest assured, because this princess will be back on time.”

After Lin Chujiu finished, she just walk away and didn’t even look back. At that moment, the atmosphere around her looks very powerful, so Divine Doctor Mo got even startled: Is she the same woman I met before?

Mo Yuer also couldn’t help but look at Lin Chujiu in a daze when she saw her walking straight followed by eight guardsmen. She doesn’t look all that mighty, but the atmosphere around her won’t definitely be copied by ordinary women.

Is this how a young noble lady from the capital suppose to act? Or an Imperial Princess?

Mo Yuer looked in trance …

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