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Chapter 83

The rest of his clothes were only made from a thin material. Seeing him like this is very rare, so Lin Chujiu felt her saliva almost wanted to flow out from her mouth.

Xiao Tianyao’s clothing continues falling on the floor, they only stop when his loose underpants was left. His hips are the most important part of this show, so  Lin Chujiu who feel regrettable took a glance. She would also like to know if his buttocks are not thin, but his underpants were blocking her eyes so she couldn’t see it.

Lin Chujiu secretly shook her head and then helped Housekeeper Cao to send Xiao Tianyao inside the bathtub. All along, Lin Chujiu had thought she covered her intentions perfectly, but what she doesn’t know is her unusual behavior had already caught Xiao Tianyao’s attention.

Xiao Tianyao had never seen a girl looking intently at a big grown man’s body. Lin Chul jiu’s face didn’t change in color

due to shyness, instead, her eyes seem to enjoy his body.

Xiao Tianyao had headaches. Especially, whenever he caught Lin Chujiu looking at his underpants from time to time. Doesn’t she know what she’s doing is not good?

In the end, what kind of people raised his wife to end up so strange like this ah?

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to admit that he had a reaction due to Lin Chujiu’s stare, but because she had touched him earlier from time to time. So, what happens to him is just a… …

Male instinct!

Xiao Tianyao sat down in the tub with a dark face. The steam of the hot water can cover up his embarrassment, but cannot calm him down.

“Damn it!” Xiao Tianyao cursed, he hated it when he can’t control his feelings.

“Wangye, you will only feel some pain from the start, so please try to endure it.” Divine Doctor Mo thought Xiao Tinyao was feeling in pain, so he came forward to explain.

Xiao Tianyao’s face turns even darker. Earlier, he

he really didn’t the notice pain. But now that Divine Doctor Mo had said it, he suddenly felt the pain and the heat of the water.

Is the pain he is talking about can make Wangye’s face flush and not his body?

Lin Chujiu look at Divine Doctor Mo in puzzlement, but Divine Doctor Mo didn’t answer her and just ignored her.

“Wangye, please try to meditate to relax your body. This will also help the herbal medicine infiltrate your body easily.” Divine Doctor Mo patiently explain to appease Xiao Tianyao’s anger.

Xiao Tianyao stiffly nodded his head, then he closes his eyes to remove all the distracting thoughts inside his mind.

Seeing that Xiao Tianyao gradually calms down, Lin Chujiu and Housekeeper Cao secretly felt relieved. Then, the two of them stands behind Divine Doctor Mo who is trying to poke a needle in Xiao Tianyao’s body.

AfterXiao Tianyao’s body relaxes, Divine Doctor Mo remove the needle and said: “Wangye, you need to soak yourself in this medicinal bath for an hour. This old man

old man will be waiting outside, if Wangye feels any discomfort, just call this old man immediately.”

Inside the room is so hot and boring, so he doesn’t want to stay for too long. After he said those words, Divine Doctor Mo immediately left. Naturally, Lin Chujiu and Housekeeper Cao will follow. However, when the two of them was about to go out, Lin Chujiu heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice: “Wangfei will stay.”

“I’ll stay?” Lin Chujiu’s footsteps halted, then thought: What a bad luck!

Inside the room is like a sauna. It was stuffy and hot, her clothes would definitely get wet from sweat. It will feel very uncomfortable and tight by then. She doesn’t want to stay here alone with Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao ignored the Tianyao ignored the dissatisfied look in Lin Chujiu’s face and only said to Housekeeper Cao said: “Go and get Chu Ci, the songs of Chu (An ancient book of the poem). Benwang would like to hear them.”

Hearing this, it’s clear that he wants Lin Chujiu to stay and read the poem to him.

After he heard his words, Housekeeper Cao hurriedly ran after Divine Doctor Mo. Completely ignoring Lin Chujiu’s smile.

Lin Chujiu who was left standing in the room, almost want to cry… …

The inside of the room was full of fog, so reading that poem would definitely be hard. Reading out loud that poem would also hurt her throat. Did they forget that she is also a patient? Can’t Xiao Tianyao stop from being headstrong?

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