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Chapter 80.1
Chapter 80: Contrast and stealing a stroke (Part 1)


In the end, Xiao Tianyao is no match to Lin Chujiu. Because Lin Chujiu keeps ignoring his dark face. Lin Chujiu even pulled a bit his sleeve and then cheekily said to him: “Wangye, try to smile, everyone is getting intimidated by you.”


Lin Chujiu tried to use herself to represent “everyone” but it was a lie. Because she was only trying to be thoughtful in front of Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer. However, when the guards from the outside and Housekeeper Cao who was about to enter heard her. Their body got frozen stiff and couldn’t help but think: Wangfei, are you really trying to help us?

Then, why did you also ask Wangye to smile? Aren’t you asking for our death instead?

Ooohhh! They couldn’t even bear to imagine Xiao Tianyao’s smiling face!

With Lin Chujiu’s words, the

guardsmen from the outside bow down their head, while Housekeeper Cao quietly steps back and pretended that he never came in. On the other hand, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer was looking forward to seeing how will Xiao Tianyao going to disgrace Lin Chujiu’s face. However, unexpectedly, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry.

Although Xiao Tianyao didn’t smile, his face turns soft. Xiao Tianyao grabs Lin Chujiu’s hand that was pulling his sleeve and then said in a low tone: “Benwang forbids you for being so naughty.”


His tone is as cold as ever, but his words reveal their intimate relationship. All the people that were able to hear his words got stunned, including Lin Chujiu herself.

Lin Chujiu only said those words earlier to smack Xiao Tianyao’s face. However, Xiao Tianyao said those words instead to counterattack her. He won’t try to beat her in front of other

other people by next round, right?

Did he got possessed?

Lin Chujiu was still stunned while looking at Xiao Tianyao. But the next moment, her eyes got wide open when she saw Xiao Tianyao smile and cheekily said: ” “Doctor Mo, don’t take Wangfei’s words as offensive. She’s still very young at heart.”

“No, no, I don’t really mind.” Divine Doctor Mo said while the corner of his lips is perking up: Is he doing this intentionally? This couple is very annoying!

“Sit closer.” Xiao Tianyao said in a low voice.

“Yes, Wangye.” Xiao Tianyao just gave her a face, so this time, Lin Chujiu won’t let her face fall down in front of them.

She is not very smart, but she knows that in order to maintain her dignity in front of this people. She mustn’t act stupid. Xiao Tianyao steps back his pride, she wouldn’t waste this to take another road. However,

Xiao Tianyao


Xiao Tianyao stated that she’s still childish, so Lin Chujiu squat like a child in front of him while listening to Divine Doctor Mo’s instruction. Divine Doctor Mo stated series of acupuncture points name, while Lin Chujiu accurately poked them with her slender fingers one by one.  

Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu is good in medicine, so he doesn’t find it strange. However, Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t know how talented she is.

Divine Doctor Mo knows that Lin Chujiu studied medicine, but she only learns some of it after she got married. So, when Xiao Tianyao said that she will replace Mo Yuer. He didn’t try to stop him because he wanted to use this opportunity to make Lin Chujiu lose her face, but he didn’t expect that… …

Lin Chujiu would earn a face instead.

Divine Doctor Mo was looking at Lin Chujiu thoughtfully, but he constantly stating he constantly stating the name of acupuncture points that need a lot of strength and knowledge.


Lin Chujiu know that Divine Doctor Mo is deliberately making things hard for her, but she doesn’t mind. In the first place, she came here to steal a one or two stroke to heal Xiao Tianyao’s legs. So, as long as Xiao Tianyao won’t make things hard for her, she won’t put this father and daughter to her eyes.

“Those acupuncture points need to be pressed in correct order and strength for three times a day and for half an hour each.” Divine Doctor Mo said to make things difficult for Lin Chujiu.


As long as you are familiar with the acupuncture points, you wouldn’t make a mistake. However, Divine Doctor Mo keep repeating his words. Most people who couldn’t focus will make a mistake. Thankfully, Lin Chujiu has the medical system.  

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