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Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui and Lin Wanting left her quarters. So once again, Lin Chujiu’s room was locked from the outside to prevent her from running away.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu doesn’t care if she can’t go out. After all, she just arrived in this strange place and she was still injured. She’s still not familiar with the state of this place, so in order to avoid accidents, she wouldn’t run away.

However, if they want to keep her inside the house, why aren’t they giving her foods or drinks?

Water, ice, and medicine for her swelling face were sent, but these things are not edible. Just by looking at it, these things won’t be enough to stock up her belly!

Lin Chujiu felt depressed, no matter what she said, the people that were guarding her outside didn’t say anything and didn’t bring her food as if she doesn’t exist.

This group of people wants her to die in hunger? But, she doesn’t want to die. Please don’t abuse this “prisoner”.

After several fruitless communication, Lin Chujiu decisively give up: “You ruthless people!”

People under the hardship had to bow!

After Lin Chujiu deals with the injury on her left face, she lies on the bed. And since this group of people doesn’t want to give her something to eat she went to sleep. She still needs a strength to fight with this people, right?

Lin Chujiu felt both physically and mentally exhausted, so it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep and woke up the next morning.

She touched her left face and found out that the ice and the medicine is quite effective. At least, her left is no longer in pain, but her empty stomach started growling… …

“I’m so hungry!”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know how long the original owner didn’t eat. Anyway, since it’s been more than 10 hours since she took her body, she started to feel dizzy. In addition, they didn’t even give her water to drink.

“You people don’t really want to give me something to eat and starve me to death? Then I won’t agree to marry!” Lin Chujiu weakly shouted and went back to the bed. She continued to organize the original owner’s memory … …

And because the Crown Prince and her white Lotus sister said that she was about to marry the crippled man, she remembered some… …

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui’s Fourth Prince Uncle is the current Emperor’s brother. He was the first person who was bestowed by the emperor with the title of “Prince Xiao”. And three months ago, he handsomely and extraordinarily protected the East Country. The East Country became victorious against their enemy and since then he was called the God of War.

If it was only three months ago, with Lin Chujiu’s identity and appearance how can she marry into Prince Xiao’s Mansion? Even Prince Xiao will surely despise to see her because it sounds like a toad was trying to swallow a swan… …

Of course, she is the toad and Prince Xiao is the swan.

But unluckily, before the war ended Prince Xiao encountered a disaster and his lower body got paralyzed. Without his lower body he can’t perform any martial art skills and can only stay in bed … …

Worse, right? But, there was, even more, worse than that, since he can’t perform martial arts and can’t walk. The emperor deliberately took away his military power and declared that Prince Xiao personally turned it over.

“Worse? What’s more worst than meeting a robber when you don’t want too?” Lin Chujiu mockingly smile … …

Although she doesn’t have much knowledge when it comes to political at least she’s still much better compared to the original owner. Her stepmother just spoiled her and doesn’t completely understand her.

If they will say that what had happened to Prince Xiao is completely an accident and the emperor is completely innocent, Lin Chujiu will never believe that.

“Marrying such a husband is very unfortunate ah!” Lin Chujiu sigh, but then decided to put aside.

Although, she is not a strong person she still doesn’t want to live like a weak woman who only relies on men. If Prince Xiao is a good man, then she wouldn’t mind being with him.

Anyway, she doesn’t like dealing with someone who doesn’t care about his own people. They could protect each other and she could take care of him forever. If they could stay away from political struggle then that is much better.

Her previous life was too hard, every day she felt nervous and worried if her identity will get expose. If this second life could be plain and dull, then that is better, but … …

Lin Chujiu realized that wanting to have a plain life seems to be a luxurious dream because she found out that she had brought the latest medical research of M country. But, she doesn’t know when did it happen.

“This is too unscientific!”


Lin Chujiu doesn’t know when exactly the six Z country’s NBI officers had put the stolen medical system in her body. Who is that person that put this medical system in her? And why?

This is not good, right?

Lin Chujiu really wanted to cry. As a reputable doctor in M country she got mixed with them very well, plus because of her special status, she knows more things about the research than the others.

This medical system of M country is very powerful, it enables a high-tech portable small hospital that can diagnose a patient’s condition and provide sufficient medicine.

In other words, this medical system is a dream come true for doctors. It can store enough medicines and medical equipment. It also has advanced treatment rooms and storage space. This medical system is definitely a great invention, but still, have some disadvantages!

Once the medical system activated it cannot be removed and it will be with her for the rest of her life. The other problem is the medical system will force or require the owner to heal the patient just like a medical supervisor.

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