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Chapter 77.2
Chapter 77: The past and helping grace (Part 2)

“Liu Bai, don’t take that woman too lightly. In this world, there are a lot of more powerful men, so if Divine Doctor Mo is looking for someone that can protect his daughter, then why he didn’t go to them? Why is he so bent to marry off his daughter to Xiao Wangfu? Your not this easy, so don’t be cheated by her face!”

Su Cha hasn’t seen Mo Yuer and hasn’t deal with her. But, just by hearing that Divine Doctor Mo forced Xiao Tianyao to marry his daughter in exchange for treatment. That’s enough reason for Su Cha to hate her. After all, what’s happening right now in the Xiao Wangfu had already happened to his family. And that lady is now his aunt.

Because of helping grace, his father was forced to marry a mistress. His father was able to help his mistress’s family, but he made his first family suffered. Then, that

mistress used her beauty to attract his father’s attention and eventually, both Su Cha and his mother was left out cold.

Just by thinking about his family’s situation, Su Cha couldn’t help but get sicked and feel disgusted to his Aunt and Mo Yuer. Su Cha tried to smile, but when he remembered all the bitterness he and his mother had suffered all these years, he couldn’t help but sighed.

Liu Bai knows Su Cha’s family’s circumstances. In fact, if he and Xiao Tianyao didn’t save Su Cha and his mother that year. They might have already been killed by that “Noble Beauty Mistress”.

However, Liu Bai still believed that: “Miss Mo is different from them.”

“All the women in this world are the same, so don’t take her seriously.” Su Cha said harshly and even want to beat Liu Bai into pulp. On the other hand, Liu Bai tried to consider Su Cha’s circumstances, so he just said: “Forget it, you can’t tell.” 

“I am too lazy

lazy to continue arguing with you.” Su Cha said to Liu Bai but then added: “You can go now and tell Doctor Mo that our Wangfei is not bad because she is the daughter of the Prime Minister of our country and she is the granddaughter of the Government official of our country. So, the dowry that her family had sent is enough to buy a city. She is not lacking in money, so she won’t steal a silver in our Xiao Wangfu. Oh, and tell Doctor Mo, after the treatment, he can grab a rice bowl because our Wangfei is so concerned about Wangye so she will take care of him.”

“Do you know how to talk nicely?” Liu Bai’s mouth almost started to smoke when he asked. Su Cha did not mention Mo Yuer’s name, but his words are enough to stomp his feet on Mo Yuer.

“Why wouldn’t I know how to speak well? Oh, do you want me to start talking about

talking about Miss Mo like she’s as high as the sky so that you will know I can talk nicely?” Su Cha’s poisonous tongue is enough to bring someone on his death door. Liu Bai’s tongue is not light, but he can’t compete to Su Cha.

Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao stops them by saying: “No need to answer. Liu Bai, go now and tell Doctor Mo what benwang has decided.”

“Mmm.” Liu Bai no longer tried to stay to beat Su Cha.

“Sooner is always better than later.” Su Cha proudly grunted. Liu Bai felt too lazy to ask for an explanation. After all, even if Su Cha explains it to him, he won’t understand it because Su Cha doesn’t know how to explain well..

When Liu Bai reported to Divine Doctor Mo, he thought he will be unhappy. So, he couldn’t help but get puzzled when Divine Doctor Mo just agreed. Anyway, he already completed his task, so he just needs to go back.

“Father, why did you agree?” When Liu agree?” When Liu Bai left, Mo Yuer came out and asked.

“Yuer, father know how good you are, but Wangye doesn’t. A person with good eyes like him can differentiate what’s good and bad. So, if Wangfei will come and Wangye will start comparing you two. Your goodness will be seen and outshined her.” Divine Doctor Mo look at his daughter softly and with so much love.

At that moment, Mo Yuer’s ears and stiff face turn red, then she nodded her head and said: “Thank you father, I will do my best.” I’ll let that man look how ugly she is. 

“You just need to do what you want to do, Father will do the rest.” Divine Doctor Mo said while patting Mo Yuer’s hand: “Father will help you to fight, you don’t need to taint your image and act like a clown.”

“Mmm.” Mo Yuer cutely nodded her head. Divine Doctor Mo keep smiling, but his eyes flashed with a killing intent, but soon enough tried to conceal it… …

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