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Lin Chujiu doesn’t know exactly how, but she really felt happy while watching the scene. Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao who is sitting in his wheelchair with a cold face almost bite his tongue and choke back. And doesn’t really know what to think.

However, no one stops Lin Wanting, so she thought her acting was effective and just continued. Lin Wanting pointed out her finger to Lin Chujiu, then said: “Jiejie (Sister), did you? Did you really say bad things about me in front of your husband? How could you do that? You’re always saying bad things about me in front of father and mother. You’re always saying bad things about me to Grandmother. I don’t care about that, but if it’s in front of Jiefu? How could you? Aren’t you afraid that your husband would learn who you really are? Aren’t you worried that your man would hate you?”

“Wanting, don’t talk nonsense, your sister is not such kind of person.” Lin Furen tried to say, then she pretended to pull Lin Wanting’s arm while looking at Lin Chujiu’s facial expression.  She wanted to see how terrible her face might be looking right now.

Lin Wanting threw herself to Lin Furen’s arms, her tears started falling one by one while saying: “Niang (Mother), why are you always like this? No matter what Jiejie does, you will just say that Jiejie is a good. Can’t you see that she’s bullying me? Do you still want me to let her go this time? Niang, why? Why is our family acting in opposite way?”

Lin Wanting was still at the young age, but she knows how to complain very well. And just by hearing her words, a person will learn her poor and unfair treatment in the family.

Usually, when Lin Wanting acts like this, every person will side with her and then they will start accusing Lin Chujiu. But this time, everyone’s reaction was far beyond Lin Wanting’s expectation. After all… …

Aside from her mother, no else was looking at her. Even her father’s face was full of embarrassment and just constantly winking at her for her to stop quickly.

What’s going on?

“Die (Father), Niang, don’t you believe me?” Lin Wanting asked in confusion, then she looks at Xiao Tianyao and said:”Jiefu, you have to believe me. Everything that my Jiejie had told you is not true.”

Lin Wanting was still at a young age,  but she already showed them how flirt she is. But, too bad, she didn’t throw herself to a blind man. Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao only said without any care: “Lin Xiang, benwang doesn’t know what humor is, so if you will let your daughter continue to act like this, then don’t blame benwang if she got hurt.”

This is a threat!

Lin Xiang doesn’t know how exactly a weak and pleasant girl like his daughter had offended Xiao Tianyao. But because he knows that Xiao Tianyao is unhappy, he got scared that Xiao Tianyao might really hurt his daughter. And if Xiao Tianyao did hurt his daughter, it would really be a big disgrace.

“Hurry! Don’t just stand there, bring Wanting somewhere else.” Lin Xiang said to Lin Furen.

“Yes.” Lin Furen said without any resentment, but inside her heart, her tears are falling like water falls.

This time, she had seen Lin Wanting’s performance, it was good. So, she can’t understand why Xiao Tianyao didn’t show any trace of pity. Lin Furen busily dragged Lin Wanting’s arm while looking at Xiao Tianyao, then, said: “Wanting, go somewhere else with Niang.”

“Niang … …” Lin Wanting’s body got stiff like a stone because she can’t understand why things turn out like this. She doesn’t want to leave, so she turned around and look at Xiao Tianyao and softly said: “Jiefu, you… …”

Unfortunately, she hasn’t finished saying her words, when Xiao Tianyao interrupted her by saying: “Disgusting!”

Xiao Tianyao’s word is so direct, sharp and merciless. When they heard his word, Lin Xiang’s face turn dark in shame. Lin Furen got scared and her hands started shaking. While, Lin Wanting who has a white ‘s face just standing still, so Lin Furen had to drag her out.

3rd Aunt also couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Lin Xiang and Lin Furen had spoiled Lin Wanting so much. But, the three of them are aware that Lin Wanting acted like a spoiled brat right now to shame her sister.

But in the end, she just seduces her brother-in-law in front of her sister. This event also surprised them, but for Lin Xiang and Lin Furen, their family image simply turned into a… …


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