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Saying that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe that Lin Xiang is not completely a good father is very unlikely. After all, if he’s not, then he wouldn’t face him right now and tell him that he will take her.

However, Xiao Tianyao was feeling lazy so he simply said: “Lin Xiang, if you want to take her back, you have to ask Chujiu herself.” Even now that he is in front of him, Lin Xiang could see that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t see him as his father-in-law.

Although Lin Xiang felt dissatisfied with it, he didn’t dare to show it. After all, even though Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have any military power, he is still a Prince in East Country. In addition, even the Emperor was still giving him some face.

Lin Xiang doesn’t understand why Xiao Tianyao told him to ask Lin Chujiu. But still, he confidently asks Xiao Tianyao to let him meet Lin Chujiu so that he will ask her personally.

Lin Xiang deliberately bite the word “Personally”, because he was still worried about what he said.

When Xiao Tianyao listens, he couldn’t help but smile with ridicule. It seems Lin Xiang believes that everything that happens to Lin Family is part of his plans. But, all of that was Lin Chujiu’s plans because she really hates Lin Family. Unfortunately, Lin Xiang doesn’t know.

Xiao Tianyao invited Lin Chujiu to come to the study room. However, when Lin Furen and Lin Wanting heard about it, they said they also want to come. 3rd Aunt got worried that something bad might happen, but because she was trying to amend her relationship with Lin Chujiu, she ended up coming.

Only one cow was driving, but a group of cattle also drive in. Anyway, Lin Chujiu doesn’t care about these people and she’s not that one who will feel unhappy about it.


Back to the study room, when Xiao Tianyao heard that Lin Chujiu brought a group of people over to his servant, his face immediately darken. Prince Xiao hates it when women come to his place is a well-known fact to everyone.

Seeing his facial expression, Lin Xiang’s lips curve into a smile. As if his own daughter didn’t make her husband unhappy. Such actions really made him worthy to be called “a good father”.

Xiao Wangfu’s  servant is also smart, he busily added: “Wangye, Lin Furen and Second Miss of Lin Family forced Wangfei to take them because they said they haven’t seen you. Wangfei cannot refute them, so she had no choice but to bring them.”

“Lin Xiang is really good in educating his family.” When Lin Xiang heardXiao Tianyao’s comment, his ears turn red in shame and his face looks very embarrassed. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t give him a face: “Lin Furen cannot wait for her daughter to see benwang, so let them come in.”

Hearing the servant’s additional report, Xiao Tianyao find the situation very unusual, so he changed his mind. Originally, Lin Furen couldn’t wait for Lin Wanting to see the Crown Prince. And when things go smoothly, Lin Wanting successfully robbed Lin Chujiu’s marriage.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t point it out, but it was already enough for Lin Xiang to feel ashamed. Ever since he became one of the palace officials, his heart has long been turned black. But even if that is the case, he still couldn’t maintain his calmness.

“Wangye, this concubine had come.” When Lin Chujiu came in, she immediate pays her respect. However, hearing the words “this concubine” again and again, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t tell if it sounds lovely or not because he really hated this words.

Xiao Tianyao haven’t had a chance to attack Lin Chujiu’s words, but Lin Wanting could no longer wait to make an introduction about herself, so she didn’t even wait for her mother to speak. Lin Wanting went close behind Lin Chujiu and charmingly said: “Jiefu (Brother-in-law), Lin Wanting had come to see you.”

The moment Lin Wanting saw Xiao Tianyao, her eyes could no longer see anyone else. She even forgot that Xiao Tianyao is a crippled and paralyzed prince. The only things she knows right now is that Xiao Tianyao is very handsome and his noble temperament is so fascinating to the point that he looks very invincible.

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