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Inside the hall, Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair stopped on the front side of the room. Divine Doctor Mo sits on the lower left side, while the beautiful refine looking woman stood behind him.

Her tender white face, red lips and black eyes may not look pure but still looks very attractive. So, a person cannot completely ignore her.

Additionally, her long and beautiful hair that was hanging behind her back, symbolizing that she’s unmarried, remains untangled as if she actually didn’t move around.

This girl is not only steady but also tough.

When Lin Chujiu came inside, her eyes fell at once to Mo Yuer but then soon look at Divine Doctor Mo: These two are worthy to be called father and daughter. They both look extremely cold. The first one looks like a snow fairy, while the other one looks like an ice sage. 

“This concubine came to see Wangye.” Lin Chujiu approached Xiao Tianyao and pays her respect: “Forgive this concubine for making Wangye wait for long.”

“Sit.” Xiao Tianyao just simply said and didn’t even look at her.

However, Lin Chujiu doesn’t care. She just smiles and then sits beside Xiao Tianyao. After that, her line of sight fell once again to Divine Doctor Mo, but this time she really looks at him and then said: “I assure this is Divine Doctor Mo? This concubine greets Divine Doctor Mo politely.”

Lin Chujiu gently bow down her head because she doesn’t want to be just polite.  However, Mo Yuer who is standing behind her father, exposed a trace of disdain in her eyes for only a fleeting seconds, so that Lin Chujiu wouldn’t notice it once she lifted up her eyes.

Lin Chujiu secretly chuckle and tried to cover the trace of ridicule in her eyes: You’re looking down on me? You think you’re so noble?

What a naive girl? Once your father dies, do you think you can still look down and step on others?

This Miss Mo seems doesn’t to know that even though beauty can bring the biggest fortune in life, it can also bring the biggest sadness!

Beauty cannot match strength, it can only make men flock around you.

Fortunately, Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t have the save attitude as Mo Yuer. He can talk decent and doesn’t rely too much on his extraordinary medical skills. People still exist in his eyes.

After greetings, Divine Doctor Mo took the initiative to check Lin Chujiu’s condition.

After all, treating Xiao Tianyao is still a secret so he still needs to pretend to diagnose Lin Chujiu’s disease.

“Please, Doctor Mo.” Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate to reveal half of her wrist to Divine Doctor Mo to check.

Divine Doctor Mo haven’t started, but the servant that is waiting outside immediately brought a medicine box, pillow, and a handkerchief for covering Lin Chujiu’s wrist.

Before checking her pulse, Divine Doctor Mo first soaked his hand to a medicine and then took a clean handkerchief to dry them up, as if it is relatively important.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know whether Divine Doctor Mo is doing it intentionally or not. But after wasting a half stick of incense, Divine Doctor Mo finally sit opposite to Lin Chujiu and check her pulse.

Lin Chujiu tried to hide the dissatisfaction she felt because she fears that her heart rate and pulse rate might get unstable. So, she just smiles and acted like nothing happen, while putting her wrist on top of the table.

“Wangfei waited for a long time.” Divine Doctor Mo said and then reach out his hand. While checking, he pressed his two fingers slightly hard to her pulse.

At that moment, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but frowned while eating the pain she felt. After a few minutes, Divine Doctor Mo carefully releases Lin Chujiu’s hand, leaving her no time to complain.

Is this his way to show that his daughter will get my throne?

Hmph … … this dying old man is not afraid to offend more people just to protect his own daughter.

Lin Chujiu silently complained, then secretly adjusted her breathing and gradually releases her breath… …

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