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Chapter 68.2
Chapter 68: White lies and becoming one of the top ten candidates to be a good husband (Part 2)

So at this point of time, even Divine Doctor Mo also put some words to the outside that he had already seen Prince Xiao’s legs before. However, his medical skills are not good enough to cure his legs. And so, he will only enter the Xiao Wangfu for Princess Xiao.

Divine Doctor Mo’s reputation did not only spread throughout the East Country but also to the other countries. His existence almost become legendary. And because of that, no one had doubts his words. So now that he said that he couldn’t treat Prince Xiao’s legs, then all the people believe that Prince Xiao could only stay in his wheelchair for the rest of his life.

And when he said that he wouldn’t come to the Xiao Wangfu to treat Prince Xiao, but Lin Chujiu. Everyone in the capital no longer had a doubt.

“He came for

Lin Chujiu? Really? I’m a fool if I believe that!” When the Emperor received the news from the outside, he couldn’t help but frown.

Taking advantage of Lin Chujiu’s current situation is such a great move. And because of that, Xiao Tianyao was able to set off a huge plan. Even his ruined reputation seems moving to a good side. So at that moment, the Emperor got very angry.

After all, in order to show to the people how cold-blooded, ruthless and selfish Xiao Tianyao is. The Emperor didn’t hesitate to marry off Lin Chujiu to him, but now it seems… …

Lin Chujiu herself will be the one to restore Xiao Tianyao’s ruined reputation.

“According to the people we sent to spy the Xiao Wangfu, Prince Xiao recently become attentive to Princess Xiao after she had done quite a good deed. And with that, she was able to win Prince Xiao’s heart.” A man wearing a black clothes said while kneeling. If he didn’t speak, no one

one would actually sense his presence.

“Very well,” The Emperor simply said. Not because he took seriously in his heart what the man in black had said, but because as part of Xiao Family, he knows very well how ruthless Xiao Tianyao really is.

After all, he’s not only ruthless to women, but also to their own father. So, don’t say that Xiao Tianyao would sacrifice himself for a woman. Divine Doctor Mo definitely came for him.

“Leave.” The Emperor waved his hand and so the man in black quickly disappeared in the hall. Then, the Emperor shouted: “Someone come.”

The Eunuch who is waiting outside trotted in and pay his respect. Then, he heard the Emperor’s command: “Bring Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan here.”

After a quarter of an hour, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan hastily came: “This servant came, may the Emperor live for a thousand and thousand years more.”

“Quiet,” The Emperor didn’t wait for Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan to finished his greeting. He just immediately commanded: “Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan, I want

I want you to contact that Secret Pawn, I want to know what medicine Divine Doctor Mo will use.

“Yes, this servant will go immediately.” When Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan heard the Emperor’s command, he felt relieved. That Secret Pawn had been around Divine Doctor Mo for so many years so, at this point in time, they’ll be quite handy.

In fact, they had already used them before. But, when the Secret Pawn message came. They replied that they also don’t know that Xiao Tianyao had secretly contacted Divine Doctor Mo and that they also don’t know that he was in the capital.

In their message, the Emperor and Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t even learn what did Xiao Tianyao traded to Divine Doctor Mo… …

So, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan was arranged to stay in the Xiao Wangfu on the day that Divine Doctor Mo will arrive. After all, Divine Doctor finally got soft with Prince Xiao’s sincerity and promised that he will treat Lin Chujiu’s sickness. But, he cannot But, he cannot guarantee that he can save her.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t say his actual plans to the outside, but it doesn’t mean that other people don’t have brains.

However, in the capital, Xiao Tianyao’s sincerity that moved Divine Doctor Mo became a big sensation. Some restaurant even tried to use that story to attract customers and started gossiping about it while having a tea. So, in less than two months, Lin Chujiu who is the unluckiest girl because she married a crippled, became the luckiest girl in the capital.

At first, these group of lively women was very busy to discuss how unfortunate Lin Chujiu is to be rejected by the Crown Prince and was sent off to marry the crippled and paralyzed, Prince Xiao, who also currently doesn’t have military power. But now, these group of lively women couldn’t help but get jealous because Lin Chujiu had married such a good husband. And the most jealous woman among them is no other than Lin Wanting… …

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