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Chapter 65.1
Chapter 65: Diagnosis and tricky condition (Part 1)

At around midnight, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan and the Emperor’s personal eunuch suddenly arrived at the Xiao Wangfu. So, Xiao Wangfu’s people who didn’t receive any prior noticed got very confused. 

Fortunately, Xiao Wangfu’s people has already been used in receiving the emperor’s decree so in just half an incense stick. Both them are now kneeling in front of Xiao Tianyao who is currently sitting in his wheelchair near the door of the hall in his courtyard… …

With Xiao Tianyao’s numerous great achievements, he didn’t even kneel in front of the Emperor’s decree. However, despite all those achievements, he became like this. So, they don’t really felt jealous of him whenever they see him. 

And as for Lin Chujiu who is now being called Princess Xiao?

Sick people should no longer be awake around midnight, so only Xiao Tianyao received

and heard the Emperor’s decree when the eunuch had read it.

The content of the imperial decree is very simple. First, the Emperor ensure that they will catch the assassin as soon as possible to comfort Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu. And then, the Emperor gave them a lot of valuable medicinal herb to help them nourish their body. The Emperor also state that Xiao Tianyao should take this opportunity to focus nourishing his body and doesn’t need to worry about the court.

The Emperor did not only state his concern and support with his decree but also tried to show more of his grace to Xiao Tianyao by sending his private imperial doctor to diagnose and treat Princess Xiao’s condition.

After reading the emperor’s decree, the Emperor’s personal eunuch respectfully handed the decree to Xiao Tianyao’s hand and pointed out Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan to the corner

corner while saying: “Wangye, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan has come to help and save Princess Xiao. So, this slave wonder if he could now go and see Wangfei?”

“Send someone to see if Wangfei is still awake.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t even give the emperor’s eunuch a face and just simply ordered Housekeeper Cao.

“This slave will obey immediately.” Housekeeper Cao immediately answered. However, he let someone else go to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard. And as for the Emperor’s eunuch and Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan?

Xiao Tianyao only sits there motionless and didn’t even greet them. So naturally, Xiao Wangfu’s people wouldn’t do something. So they can only stand outside Prince Xiao’s private hall where the wind keeps blowing.

Fortunately, the summer season is still around the corner so the wind is not extremely cold. If not, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan’s worries about getting sick are not impossible even if they only

they only stand outside for a couple of minutes.

Xiao Wangfu is the second largest mansion in the Imperial city and it’s only a bit smaller than the Imperial Palace. But because Lin Chujiu lives in the most secluded part of the mansion, the servant who was ordered to look for her needs to walk at least two-quarter of an hour (30 minutes) before he could arrive in her courtyard and another two-quarter of an hour before he could report back.

So within this two-quarter of an hour, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan, the Emperor’s personal eunuch and a few of their underlings were still waiting outside. And it seems their usual small eyes gets bigger and bigger with unknown meaning.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan never felt time run this slow in his entire life. Honestly, two-quarter of an hour is really short, but inside the Xiao Wangfu, it almost felt like two felt like two years.

Because of this, his breathing gradually turns fast and unstable. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is a doctor, so he knows his condition is not normal, but because he is powerless he cannot do anything about it.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan almost want to fell on his knees. However, the servant who went to Lin Chujiu suddenly arrives and reported: “Wangye, Wangfei is still awake.”

“Let’s go.” Xiao Tianyao simply said without any trace of embarrassment. As if the people in front of him are only ordinary servants. When Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan and the Emperor’s personal eunuch heard the report, they felt relieved so they started walking. But… …

Xiao Tianyao leads the way.

Of course, Housekeeper Cao was pushing his wheelchair so he is just sitting comfortably. It’s just, they didn’t expect and couldn’t change the fact that Xiao Tianyao is going with them towards Lin Chujiu’s courtyard.

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