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Su Cha’s footsteps were so fast. He thinks that if he quickly sent back Xiao Tianyao, he could still see how Lin Chujiu sews those injured guard’s wound.

To tell the truth, Su Cha is very curious to her medical skill. Especially, when Doctor Wu and Housekeeper Cao told him that she had godly skills. So, he really wanted to see it for himself. And now that he had the chance, he doesn’t want to let it go.

After sending back Xiao Tianyao to his place. Su Cha wanted to go as soon as possible, but he hasn’t turned his body yet when he heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice: “Not here.”
“Ah?” Su Cha admits that his brain is not good, but he really couldn’t understand Xiao Tianyao’s words right now.

“Didn’t you want to go back to your study room?” Xiao Tianyao was pondering all the way round because Su Cha didn’t ask where he would want to go.
“Where do you want to go anyway?”

“Hmm … …” Xiao Tianyao thinks for a moment before he said: “To Lin Chujiu’s courtyard.”

“What?” Su Cha almost want to dig out his ears: “Did I heard you wrong?” Xiao Tianyao actually took the initiative to see Lin Chujiu? Is this… … a sign that there will be a bloody rain tomorrow?
Xiao Tianyao doesn’t see any problem, so he declined to answer him and just said: “Hurry.”

“Very well.” Under Xiao Tianyao’s pressure, Su Cha pushed him to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard even though he’s full of grievances. But throughout the way, he couldn’t help but complain about a thing or two: “Why not just let your guard push you to her place? Why do you need me to push you there? I’m not better than them anyway.”

But unfortunately, no matter how much Su Cha complain, Xiao Tianyao only ignored him as if he doesn’t hear anything in the first place. So, Su Cha almost vomits blood.

Lin Chujiu’s courtyard is not that far from Xiao Tianyao’s study room. So, they arrived at her place after two minutes. And if he still wanted to return in there, he might still be able to see her medical skills.

However, Su Cha just decided to wait for Lin Chujiu to get back and ask her directly on how did she sewn their wound. But… …

“You can go now.” As soon as Xiao Tianyao arrived at Lin Chujiu’s place, he began to chase him away.
Su Cha almost cried because he felt wronged, but still, he tried to say: “If I go now, who will push you back?” For almost half of the day, he pushed his wheelchair all around the place, but now he doesn’t want him to stay? Isn’t it too cruel?

“Is the Wangfu missing a people?” Xiao Tianyao simply looks at Su Cha. But thankfully, he didn’t say that Su Cha is silly to forget that.
“If Xiao Wangfu is not missing a people, then why you didn’t let them push you earlier?” Life can be so bad, a bridge that has no river would feel very shameful, right?
“If all the servants in the Xiao Wangfu are like you, then this place would get in chaos.” Xiao Tianyao plainly said hid harsh words.

So, Su Cha almost spits out blood, but then he just said: “I am a very busy person and I still need to count ten thousand of silvers from all the branches of Su’s family business so I’m heading back now. I can’t just leisurely stay here.” His other servant could push him back, so he doesn’t need to aggravate himself.

“Su’s family business can run smoothly without you.” Xiao Tianyao bluntly cut off his words with a knife. So now, Su Cha finally understand how Liu Bai felt whenever Xiao Tianyao gets moody to him.
Xiao Tianyao is simply a person that doesn’t know how to have a good talk.
“I’ll go now, I won’t stop you from having a time alone with your wife.” But, when Su Cha got outside, his heart felt really depressed, so he turned around and said: “Oh, by the way, Wangye, you are so mean, so don’t you feel afraid that your Wangfei might suddenly abandon you?”

After saying those words, Su Cha didn’t dare to look at Xiao Tianyao’s facial expression and just walked very fast as if a dog was chasing him.

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