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If a woman is cruel, her position will never be stable. However, since Lin Chujiu sent away Xiao Tianyao outside her door, her position in the Xiao Wangfu has skyrocketed.

For Xiao Tianyao’s departure to the front line, Lin Chujiu was already expecting it. However, when she heard an imperial edict was sent at this point in time, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but grind her teeth.

When she finally thought that she will have a great time. This man, Xiao Tianyao gave her another slap.

This slap this time was loud and strong!

“Wangfei, Wangye is here.” Zhenzhu’s face also looked bad, and somewhat in a daze.

“Wangye is here? Where?” Lin Chujiu asked with knitted eyebrows.

When did Xiao Tianyao ever visited her during day time?

Doesn’t Xiao Tianyao always send people to call her?

Does he feel guilty?


Hmph… …

“Waiting in the flower hall.” Zhenzhu also felt strange, when did their Wangye has so much patience?

Lin Chujiu sneered and got up, then said: “Let’s go, we can’t let Wangye wait for a long time.”


In the flower hall, Xiao Tianyao was sitting on the top, when Lin Chujiu comes inside. Xiao Tianyao slightly raised his head and wait for Zhenzhu and other maidservants to pay him respect, before he said: “Leave.”

Zhenzhu and the others learned a lesson from the last time. When they heard Xiao Tianyao’s words, they looked at Lin Chujiu. Seeing Lin Chujiu was not displeased, they readily retired.

Lin Chujiu sat down to the opposite side of Xiao Tianyao and directly asked: “Wangye, you came to talk to me, about what?”

“Benwang is going to the front line.” Xiao Tianyao put the imperial edict on top of the table, for Lin Chujiu to take a look. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu had no interest to look at the content. She sarcastically said: “Congratulations, Wangye. You finally achieved your wish.”

Xiao Tianyao slightly frowned and explained: “Benwang didn’t think it will be this fast.”

“What is the difference between going now or later? Wangye’s stage has always been on the battlefield. The earlier you go, the fewer people will suffer.” Lin Chujiu’s words were ironic. She thought she had hidden her feelings so well, but who would have thought that she will reveal her dissatisfaction once she opened her mouth.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu and asked: “Are you not happy? Are you worried benwang will leave you?”

“Wangye, you’re thinking too much, I am very happy for you. After this war, your identity as a God of War will once again flourish. And my identity in the East will follow your rise.” This battle will push Xiao Tianyao’s identity to the highest peak, his achievements will also be her achievements, and she… …

If she will not die in the storm in the capital, she will certainly live in richness for a while.

“We are husband and wife, your husband’s honor is your honor. The day benwang rise is also your day to rise.” Xiao Tianyao said with a serious face, unfortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t believe it: “Wangye means to say, if Wangye is good, I should also be good.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t look at Xiao Tianyao to cover the self-deprecating in her eyes.

She doesn’t see themselves as husband and wife, all she could see is that, Xiao Tianyao will go to the front line to regain his power, while she, she will face one by one the crisis in the capital.

The emperor couldn't bring down Xiao Tianyao, he will definitely point his finger on her. He will use her to either suppress or contain Xiao Tianyao.

“You can think that way.” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head in satisfaction and continued to say: “This is an urgent matter. Benwang will solve the trivial matter in the capital. Once benwang leave the capital, you watch out for yourself. If others bully you, do no not scruples, benwang will bear all the consequences.”

“I know, I will take care of myself.” What else can she say?

Xiao Tianyao made a plan for this expedition for a long time. Even if she becomes a hostage in this capital. Xiao Tianyao will not give up this opportunity for her.

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