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“How can my daughter be not worthy?” Princess Fushou Zhang has always hated that she was born as a daughter. She was born in the royal family, but her life was not good. Why does she need to be married off? 

“Benwang said she is not worthy, so she is not.” Xiao Tianyao raised his hand and picked up a peanut from the plate on the table. “Stupid, if you don’t know when to use your mouth, then don’t open it in the future.”


Without any warning, the peanut in Xiao Tianyao’s hand flew out and directly hit Qian Ting.

“Ah…” Princess Fushou Zhang screamed and reacted fast to protect her daughter, but she was late!

 It was only one-meter-long peanut, but it was like a big slap. When Qian Ting was hit, she fell to the ground and burst into tears. The people who were close to her saw that she pit out a white tooth.

“Tianyao, you… …you dare beat my daughter.” Princess Fushou Zhang nervously held her daughter. She was very eager to show everyone her daughter’s injury.

“Pain, it hurts… …”

It was obviously just a peanut, but Qian Ting’s face was swelling like a steamed bun. She spits out mouthful blood, and in there, there were another 3 white teeth.

Princess Fushou Zhang was very distressed for her daughter, but she didn’t look for a doctor first. Instead, she shouted: Tianyao, Qian Ting, is just a child, how can you be so cruel!”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay attention to Princess Fushou Zhang, he looked at Nannuo Yao.

This was the first time Xiao Tianyao looked at Nannuo Yao tonight. Nannuo Yao felt her heartbeat quickens, as she kept thinking if Xiao Tianyao will remember her, but… …


Xiao Tianyao was indifferent and didn’t recognize her at all. Nannuo Yao was disappointed.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t take Nannuo Yao seriously, he only said indifferently: “Princess Nannuo Yao, are you satisfied?”

Everyone was shocked when this statement came out.

What does he mean?

Xiao Wangye took a shot to educate Qian Ting to satisfy the Southern Princess?

Nannuo Yao was also shocked. She didn’t expect that Xiao Tianyao will vent her anger. Nannuo Yao carefully organized her thought and nodded her head: “Xiao Wangye is fair, this princess truly admire.”

When everyone heard Nannuo Yao’s words, they almost fell on their knees.

Is this fair?

But… …

When they saw Qian Ting, who was badly beaten by a peanut, everyone understood.

Xiao Wangye ruthlessly took a shot, Nannuo Yao will not force Qian Ting to compare talent again. After all, Xiao Wangye gave Qian Ting a severe punishment.

Everyone was very satisfied with Xiao Tianyao's move. Only Princess Fushou Zhang was not. She held her daughter’s bloody face and cried to the emperor: “Huangshang, Qian Ting is only a child, even if she said anything wrong, she shouldn’t be punished like this. How will this child face people in the future?” 

Qian Ting was already thirteen years old, all her baby tooth was changed. But now, her teeth were interrupted by Xiao Tianyao, they will never grow again.

The Emperor had a headache. Xiao Tianyao had just calmed Nannuo Yao’s anger. How can he say that what Xiao Tianyao did was wrong?

The Emperor seriously said: “Well, you go and take Qian Ting to see a doctor. This matter, I will decide about it.”

“Huangshang…” Princess Fushou Zhang was unwilling. She ate a big loss at tonight’s banquet. If she just leave, who else will put her in their eyes.

But when she just opened her mouth, she was interrupted by the Empress: “Fushou, listen to your brother’s words.”

Princess Fushou Zhang was proud and arrogant, but she has big respect to the Empress. So when she heard the empress’s words, although she was dissatisfied, she left with the palace maids.  

Everyone need to be responsible to what they said. This farce was caused by Qian Ting, she paid with her own blood and four teeth… …

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