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Su Cha indeed said so many things, but Lin Chujiu actually listen to all of it. Knowing that Xiao Tianyao didn’t deliberately want to take her life, Lin Chujiu’s heart was comforted. But in the end, she couldn’t accept to make her life difficult.

Lin Chujiu knew that walking side by side with Xiao Tianyao will be full of difficulties. But, it doesn’t mean, he could use and hurt her.

She felt that their relationship right now was good. She could relax, so she doesn’t want to change it.

She doesn’t need to consider Xiao Tianyao’s dissatisfaction. She doesn’t need to worry about if Xiao Tianyao was angry. She can live the way she wants. Lin Chujiu really regarded Xiao Wangfu now as her home. She even had a mood to call the people in the front yard to build her a swing. And not just any ordinary swing, but a swinging wicker chair, where she could nest under the sun.

When Housekeeper Cao heard Lin Chujiu’s request, he personally brought a craftsman over. He also asked Lin Chujiu if she wanted to plant flowers in her yard.

“No, it’s alright.” Lin Chujiu likes to see some flowers, but she has no time and energy to take care of them. So, she was very satisfied with her current green lawn.

This is much easy to take care of.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t persuade Lin Chujiu. In the afternoon, people started installing the exact swing Lin Chujiu wanted. The swinging wicker chair was crafted well, it was very strong. Two people sitting together will have no problem at all.

In order to have shelter under the rain, Housekeeper Cao also made preparations and put a simple wooden stall, which could be planted with some vine plants.

Seeing the beautiful swinging wicker chair in front of him, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but fantasize. Inside his mind, their Wangye and Wangfei were sitting together while the swing slowly swinging.

The picture was very beautiful, and their Wangye was very happy.

After finishing all this, Housekeeper Cao left to report back to Xiao Tianyao.

Even when Xiao Wangfu was very busy with current events. There was nothing Xiao Tianyao couldn’t know. Unless he himself doesn’t want to know it.

Housekeeper Cao has always been the person reporting things about Lin Chujiu.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao simply replied, while his left that was holding the brush keep writing on the paper. After reporting, Housekeeper Cao bowed his head.

After a while, Xiao Tianyao put down the brush in his hand and said, “Let the Embroidery Mama send clothes and jewelry to Wangfei.”

The Southern Princess and Western Prince will arrive in the Eastern Country tomorrow. Xiao Tianyao doesn’t need to pick the people personally, but he must attend the palace banquet.

“This slave understand.” Housekeeper Cao folded his hand and left to look for the Embroidery Mama.

It was not Lin Chujiu’s first time to appear on a social occasion, but it will be the first time she will attend together with Xiao Tianyao. It was necessary for her to dress up well.

When Feicui and Zhenzhu received this news, they began to prepare Lin Chujiu’s clothes.

Feicui and Zhenzhu knew that Lin Chujiu doesn’t like wearing bright colored clothes. But, they prepared a set of scarlet palace dress for her. These four maidservants deliberately choose this color. Xiao Tianyao always wear red clothes in front of the people. If Lin Chujiu wear this color, it will be surely a match to their Wangye.

“Wangfei, this is the clothes we prepared for you. You should try them first. If it doesn’t fit you, we will change it at once.” Shanhu and Manao picked up the dress to reveal the delicate embroidery they made.

“You have the heart.” There will be a palace banquet tomorrow, although Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to put so much effort into it, she also doesn’t want to be rude. She knew she must try the clothes first so that the four maidservants could make an adjustment in advance.

Feicui and Zhenzhu came forward, they wanted to serve Lin Chujiu in changing clothes. However, they heard footsteps outside the door, the Embroidery Mama, couple with other maidservants came with trays in their hand and walked in: “Wangfei, this slave was ordered to send you clothes and jewelry.”

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