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Lin Chujiu didn’t give an answer to Xiao Tianyao. Because she didn’t intend to give him trouble, nor make him pay to his old account. After all, it will be useless. Xiao Tianyao has never been a person who admits his wrongdoing.

All she knew right now was that Xiao Tianyao will not take her life, so she doesn’t need to be careful or wronged herself.

After having breakfast, Lin Chujiu put down her chopsticks. She didn’t wait for Xiao Tianyao to finish. She only said: “Wangye, you don’t need to worry about and handle the people who give me invitations or letter. I don’t want to bother you with those simple task. I’ll let my people take care of it.”

Xiao Tianyao has been using this method to train her and make her become the wife he wanted. Because of this, she allowed herself to cut off contact to the outside world and only made a contact to the people he approves. But now, things were different, she will say no one by one to Xiao Tianyao’s practice. 

“Did you grow some wings?” Xiao Tianyao asked while putting down his chopsticks, then looked at Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu smiled and shook her head: “No, I am just trying to be a strong woman that is worthy to be your wife. You don’t want a submissive wife, right?”

After saying those words, Lin Chujiu left without hesitation… …


Lin Chujiu’s departure was just right, because as soon as she walked towards the front hall. Housekeeper Cao came to report: “Wangfei, Meng Daren and Meng Gongzi came.”

The people in Xiao Wangfu were all highly knowledgable. They all knew that last night, their Wangye was shut outside by Lin Chujiu. This was the first time he couldn’t enter Lin Chujiu’s room and the first he was ignored by her.

Their Wangye was hit in the face, but she didn’t get punished. It can be said that their Wangfei was the very first person to experience this!

Lin Chujiu walked all the way to the front hall. Whether she bumped into a guard or a maidservant, they will stop walking and respectfully greeted her.

There was a moment Lin Chujiu find it funny. Her presence was strong enough in Xiao Wangfu before, everyone respects her, but it couldn’t compare to her situation right now.

Sure enough, taking down Xiao Tianyao was the best and fastest method. She really took a lot of detours before.

Wait, that’s wrong, if she took down Xiao Tianyao before, she will be killed by him if she slaps his face. This time was just right.

Lin Chujiu came in the front hall with excellent mood, she even took the initiative to greet the guests: “Meng Daren, Meng Gongzi.”

Her tone was light, there was no trace of sorrow, so the father and son were quite surprised. They knew Lin Chujiu disappeared for two days and two nights. And Xiao Wangye didn’t look for her regardless of it.

However, this matter was not something good to discussed casually, so Meng Xiuyuan gently patted his father. Meng Daren said as an opening: “I heard you had an accident before, I don’t know how are you doing now?”

They actually wanted to help before, but their Meng Family was just visitors in the capital. And even if they wanted to help, they don’t know where to start.

“Meng Daren, thank you for your care. My cousins are all safe.” Lin Chujiu never expect help to the Meng Family. In her opinion, Meng Xiuyuan was her patient. All she has to do is to fulfill her responsibility as his doctor.

Lin Chujiu directly asked: “Meng Daren, Meng Gongzi, you came to find me this time, is it because you finally decided?”

“Yes, I am willing to let Wangfei heal my son.” Divine Doctor Mo was dead. They have no second option.

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