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Xiao Tianyao's overbearing and excessive behavior had already been seen by Lin Chujiu. And since she was tied to this man for the rest of her life, then she will just find a way to fight for her rights.

Only if she betrayed him, he will kill her?

Then… …

“Wangye, you have me in your heart and you care about me. If I never betray you, you will never kill me, right?” Since this man said he cares about her, then she will see how much he cares and can tolerate her.

Maybe, she can gamble and bet this man feeling’s for her. After all, she was stupid and couldn’t understand him.

“Of course.” Xiao Tianyao replied with certainty. He didn’t kill Lin Chujiu before, so what more if it’s now.

When she got to hear the answer that she wanted, Lin Chujiu had a good mood. She relaxed her body and lie on top of Xiao Tianyao’s body. Then, she continued to ask: “Will you beat me?”

“Benwang doesn’t beat his own woman.” As for other women, if they made him angry, of course, he will.

“As long as I will not betray you, no matter what I do, you will not beat me?” Lin Chujiu asked while resisting to show the happiness inside her heart.

Lin Chujiu's body was under Xiao Tianyao’s arms, her head was slightly buried in his neck. So when she spoke, her warm breath reached Xiao Tianyao’s ear… …

Xiao Tianyao's heart swayed.  His ears unconsciously turn red. His whole body got slightly stiff and his facial expression got a bit awkward. In order not to let Lin Chujiu discover his abnormality, Xiao Tianyao didn’t lower his head to look at her face, he only simply replied: “Yes.” 

“I got it, thank you, Wangye.” When she heard Xiao Tianyao’s answer. Lin Chujiu was in a good mood. She even kissed Xiao Tianyao’s chin: “I finally now know how to be your woman.” Xiao Tianyao said she was in his heart. He said he will not kill her, nor beat her. So what is there to be afraid of?

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao asked absentmindedly. All his attention was focused on Lin Chujiu’s kiss.

Lin Chujiu took the initiative to kiss him. Does it mean that Lin Chujiu was no longer angry with him?

Although he felt like he didn’t do anything wrong, in the end, he still personally pick her up in the Meng Family!

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer back. Instead, she said in a spoiled manner: “Wangye, you are hurting me, can’t you loosen your hands?”

Xiao Tianyao’s way of embracing people was as strong as his character. Lin Chujiu’s hands were imprisoned in his embrace. Lin Chujiu couldn’t move at all.

Xiao Tianyao never heard Lin Chujiu talked to him with a delicate tone. So when he heard it, his heart trembled. His hands reacted faster than his brain. When he returned to his senses, he had already released Lin Chujiu.

However, even without Xiao Tianyao’s restraint, Lin Chujiu still lying on top of Xiao Tianyao’s body.  And she even borrowed his hands to support her own, so that there will still be a little condensing atmosphere.

“Wangye, I really regretted it, I should have talk to you earlier.” If  I knew you have me in your heart, I wouldn’t felt so wronged.

“It’s not too late for that now.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t know that Lin Chujiu was completely different to what he was expecting. He thought Lin Chujiu doesn’t know how to recognize the word ‘mistake’.

“It’s really not too late.” Lin Chujiu’s smile reached up to her eyes. Then, she went down from Xiao Tianyao’s body and got up from the bed, before Xiao Tianyao could reach out and grab her.

“Wangye, get up.” Lin Chujiu reached out her hands to Xiao Tianyao.

The surrounding atmosphere under the candlelight was too beautiful. Lin Chujiu looks tempting. So, Xiao Tianyao grasped Lin Chujiu’s hands and borrowed them to help him stand up.

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