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Divine Doctor Mo killed himself out of guilt and died in the prison. The Emperor wanted to erase all this fact. He wanted to suppress the fact about Divine Doctor Mo drugging himself because of the issue in the Southern Country. But, some people refused to let him succeed.

First, to save his daughter’s reputation, Lin Xiang secretly spread what happened to Divine Doctor Mo. Followed by Imperial Doctor Qin, as soon as he sees an opportunity. When the issue in the Southern Country came out, many more insiders follow. Divine Doctor Mo can no longer keep his good reputation.

Divine Doctor Mo has already died, but rumors about him in the capital hasn’t faded. Instead, the rumor became even more and more dramatic. The government officials were forced to investigate the case again because of the pressure.

Divine Doctor Mo was dead, but his disciples were still in the Dali Temple. The Dali Temple ordered all the disciples to defend Divine Doctor Mo, but… …

Divine Doctor Mo was already dead. They lost the only person they could rely on. So, what good will it bring if they still argue?

Originally, when some people heard the news that Divine Doctor Mo died, they wanted to help out. But soon, an iron evidence that Divine Doctor Mo abusedly drug people explode. Because of that, those people who wanted to help retreat. They don’t want to be dragged in this muddy water.

No one was defending and there was a conclusive evidence. So even if Divine Doctor Mo committed suicide to gain the people’s sympathy, he was still bearing a bad stigma. He could no longer make the people ignorant.

The Dali Temple tried hard to conceal Divine Doctor Mo’s crime, but his crime was exposed to so many people. 


The matter regarding Divine Doctor Mo’s crime attracted many people’s attention. Even Xiao Tianyao’s visit to the Meng Family failed to calm the storm. After his visit became a big sensation on the same day, by the third day, it was replaced by Divine Doctor Mo’s issue once again, but… …

Ordinary people may not care, but it doesn’t mean the higher level officials will also pay no attention. Xiao Tianyao’s purpose in visiting the Meng Family was still a mystery. Everyone, including the emperor, doesn’t believe that Xiao Tianyao will go to the Meng Family only to pick up Lin Chujiu. They all believe that Xiao Tianyao had another purpose. 

And because they couldn’t find anything from Xiao Tianyao’s side. They all sent spies to go to the Meng Family. However, they didn’t find any valuable information, they only found out that Lin Wanting make a fool of herself in front of Xiao Wangye.

Everyone was still not satisfied, so they sent people to buy information to Tiancang Pavilion. Tiancang Pavilion received several business orders in just one day to investigate Xiao Tianyao’s real purpose, but they also failed to find a different news.

While checking the matter out, they only felt that Xiao Tianyao was only trying to destroy the marriage between the Crown Prince and Lin Wanting.

Anyone in the capital who has a connection in the palace knew that the Crown Prince and Lin Xiang’s second daughter were engaged. And if Lin Wanting was not only too young, they were afraid that the crown prince has already ask Lin Xiang’s daughter in marriage.

But now, Lin Xiang’s second daughter not only made a fool of herself in front of Xiao Wangye but also accused of seducing him. Under such shameful circumstances, will the crown prince still marry Lin Wanting?

No need to ask the crown prince, because anyone who will know the matter, will not let their son marry Lin Xiang’s second daughter.

Lin Xiang's second daughter played a little trick, but how can this little trick of her escaped the eyes of the old foxes. Not to mention, they were not government officials, they don’t need to judge the situation with evidence, they only need a bit sense of doubt.

Although Lin Wanting repeatedly denied the accusation, the old foxes knew very clearly that Xiao Wangfei did not falsely accuse her. Lin Xiang’s second daughter really fell in love with Xiao Wangye and was thinking that after she became a concubine, she can become her successor once her eldest sister died.

Such a heartless woman will do anything to be the next imperial princess.

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