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The people outside don’t seem expecting that Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu will come out quickly. Because when they saw the two of them coming out, they were all shocked. They wanted to come and ask if the two of them has taken the right medicine.

However, even after Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao came from the carriage. They didn’t see anything unusual.

“What’s going on? Did Xiao Wangye really just came to pick up Xiao Wangfei?” A spy, who became skeptical, slapped the hand of his companion and asked: “You are stupid. Who is Xiao Wangye? Why would he come out to pick up a woman?”

“Oh… then, what’s that all about?” The spy also felt it was impossible, but then what was his reason?

“God knows. You continue to follow them, I will inquire in the Meng Family.” Xiao Wangye stayed inside the Meng Family for almost an hour. It was not that long, but it was also not that short.


There were a lot of spies that separated into two groups. Some follow Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu all the way back to Xiao Wangfu, while the others went to the Meng Familyto inquire about what happened.

Those spies, who followed Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao naturally didn’t get any news. Twenty four men carrying a big sedan, how can they get close to it? As for the spies, who inquire inside the Meng Family?

Hehe… … They heard Lin Wanting knelt and apologize to Lin Chujiu. It was also not a secret that Lin Chujiu slapped Lin Wanting’s face. Asking about this thing was not difficult at all.

But of course, Xiao Tianyao has something to do with that. If Xiao Tianyao didn’t do anything about it, how will they found out about this news?

Lin Wanting was not sent back to the Lin family because Lin Chujiu left early. But because Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tiantao left early, people couldn’t help but dug what happened in the yard.

“Lin Xiang really gave birth to a good daughter.” Prime Minister You laughed, but after remembering his granddaughter, he deeply sighed.

They were both unfortunate.

“Lin Wanting? Although bengong doesn’t care about the crown prince, bengong cannot let the crown prince marry such a woman. This marriage is the last face that left to bengong.” The Empress said with eyes full of disdain.

“Huanghou niangniang is wise, but the crown prince is deeply in love with Miss Lin. This slave is afraid he will not let her marry someone else.” The Old Mama got worried and tried to persuade.

The Empress snorted: “As long as Lin Wanting married someone else, the crown prince will naturally drop this matter.” The people around the Empress heard a news that the emperor will pick a princess that will marry the Western Prince, but there was still no suitable candidate.

“Huanghou niangniang is wise,” The old man obviously thought of this.

The Empress smiled and said with amazement: “Bengong heard that Lin Xiang let his people investigate the Ci Entang?”

“Yes, Niangniang. It is said that it is for his love for Xiao Wangfei. Although Miss Lin really has nothing to do with Divine Doctor Mos death, she was indeed in there. People couldn’t help but suspect her. Fortunately, Lin Xiang timely controlled the matter.” The Old Mama was very informed.

“That child Lin Chujiu is very clever. Lin Xiang gave birth to a good daughter.” Thinking about Lin Chujiu, the Empress couldn’t help but sigh.

She miscalculated several cases related to Lin Chujiu. However, now that she knows her true face, she will never allow herself to make mistake again.

The Empress squinted her eyes, but she still looked gentle: “Ci Entang is the symbol of the goodness of people. It is only natural for the government to handle it. You go and find someone to send a message, let the palace court hand over the Ci Entang to the harem. Taking care of it will show how the imperial family loved his people.”

“Niangniang…” The Old Mama showed disapproved in her face.

Although Ci Entang was very important, it can easily make people suspicious from time to time.

“Reassured, bengong has no interest to Ci Entang anymore.” It was very difficult to clean the matter regarding it, so why would she let herself get involved again… …

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