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Doctor Wu couldn’t help but ask. Housekeeper Cao’s face also looks uneasy with the medicine box’s appearance earlier but he didn’t dare to ask. But now that Doctor Wu took the initiative… …

Both of them was eagerly looking at Lin Chujiu while waiting for her reply.

Lin Chujiu knows that when she took out the medicine box in the medical system, she will attract people’s attentions. But, she doesn’t want to explain too much so she just said: “This was left by my master.” If they still can’t understand, they just need to find her legendary master.

“Master?” Housekeeper Cao looks so surprised. Doctor Wu doesn’t know Lin Chujiu’s identity, but Housekeeper Cao never heard that the eldest miss of the Lin Family has a master.

“Does Housekeeper Cao think that I learned medicine without a teacher?” Lin Chujiu said half in a joke. But, Housekeeper Cao didn’t dare to answer and just shook his head again and again.

Now that she finished explaining about the medicine box. Lin Chujiu no longer speak and just took out a white robe. She also didn’t forget to wrap up her hair neatly with a cap. In just one look, a person will know that this is not the first time she had done this.

When Lin Chujiu had done those things. Doctor Wu, Shanhu, Feicui and the other two maidservant’s eyes got wide open and showed full of doubts. But… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t explain the meaning of her actions. She just wears the white robe and put on a face mask. She then picks out all the required medicine and put them on a tray. But, when she turned around, she saw Doctor Wu in front of her. Lin Chujiu kindly asked: “Could you let me pass?”

This time, Doctor Wu no longer stop her and just obediently let her pass.

He would like to see if this young girl is really more skilled than him.

Cao Lin’s body turn red because of his high fever and his chapped lips turn white. With all these signs, Lin Chujiu doesn’t need the medical system to know that Cao Lin is severely dehydrated and his life is really in danger.

Lin Chuji pinch Cao Lin’s mouth to feed him high doses antipyretic to quickly lessen his fever.

Housekeeper Cao saw what Lin Chujiu did, but he didn’t dare to say anything. And although his heart still has some doubt with her actions, he also didn’t try to ask because he’s so afraid to disturb her concentration in saving his son’s life.

However, Doctor Wu is different. He is also a doctor, so when he saw Lin Chujiu put a medicine to Cao Lin’s mouth. He couldn’t help but frown and asked: “Guniang (Young lady), what did you feed to Cao Lin?”

“A pill for fever.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t to want answer much. She’s afraid that Doctor Wu would ask more so she just simply added: ” My master’s secret medicine.”

With those four words, Doctor Wu couldn’t help but hold back his other questions.

In addition to Cao Lin’s high fever, he is also severely dehydrated. So, she must immediately replace the loss water in his body. And the best way to do this is by infusion. Lin Chujiu wanted to get some glucose inside the medical system. But… …

There are so many eyes that are looking at her right now. She’s so afraid that if she suddenly gets those things and uses them. She won’t be able to explain. So… …

“Get salt and cold water.” Lin Chujiu can now only use the most common way to hydrate Cao Lin.

“I will go and get them.” Housekeeper Cao turned to go, but was stopped by Feicui: “Housekeeper Cao, I’ll go and get them fast.”

When she finished saying those, she then goes out while trotting.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction. She went near to her medicine box to get some anti-inflammatory drugs but her hand froze when she saw a syringe on the side.

Lin Chujiu wanted to inject a drug on Cao Lin, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a demon and gets burned alive. If she will use so many things that other people doesn’t know what good will brought it to her.

So, Lin Chujiu took an anti-inflammatory drug tablet and feed it to Cao Lin the same way earlier.

The effects of the anti-inflammatory drug and antipyretic drug are not so fast. And Feicui won’t arrive very soon so Lin Chujiu decided to brought out her surgical gloves and open the new medical surgical package that she will use. After preparing the things that she will need, Lin Chujiu sat down beside the bed and ready herself to clean Cao Lin’s wound.

“These are?” Doctor  Wu asked her again.

But this time, Lin Chujiu didn’t answer and instead look at him displeased: “Excuse me, but could you please walk two steps away on the side. You’re blocking the light.”

When Doctor Wu walk near her to ask. The light behind her got blocked and she couldn’t see clearly the wound and start cleaning.

“Uh … …” Doctor Wu’s facial expression change, but he obediently move to the side and stand near Housekeeper Cao. Shanhu didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu’s word and just move back on her own.

After all, Lin Chujiu’s cold face looks very scary … …

Doctor Wu didn’t let the two maidservant dress Cao Lin with a robe. Which made things more convenient to Lin Chujiu.

So, Lin Chujiu could directly cut the yellowish and stinky bandages on Cao Lin’s stomach with her scissors … …

After she removes the bandages, the reddish wound and the foul smell got exposed to them. Shanhu’s face change in expression and could help but puke. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any facial expression. Instead, she started disinfecting and cleaning the wound, revealing all the dead skin on the surface.

When HousekeeperCao saw his son’s situations his lips started trembling, but he didn’t dare to cry out loud.

Lin Chujiu looked up but didn’t comfort Housekeeper Cao. Instead, she picked up small medical scissors and cut off the half necrotic and rotten muscles on the wound.

DoctorWu understands that letting those necrotic muscles stay will just hinder the healing of the wound. But the way Lin Chujiu cut, she might cut open and need to sew the wound again: “Guniang (Young lady), do you … …”

DoctorWu’s words haven’t finished, but Lin Chujiu interrupted him and said: “I am the one who sewn Cao Lin’s wound before, so I know what I am doing more than you.” The wound is definite rotten inside, if she won’t cut them out the wound won’t get better and won’t look good.

Doctor Wu isn’t really scared, but the family member just stays quiet so he asks on behalf of him. Doctor Wu no longer say a word but look toward Housekeeper Cao and send a signal for him to speak. But… …

Lin Chujiu is his last hope. So even if he doesn’t completely understand what Lin Chujiu is doing he didn’t dare to speak out. He’s so afraid to annoy Lin Chujiu and stop treating his son.

Housekeeper Cao doesn’t care how strange is her method as long as his son would be saved.

No one asked a question, so Lin Chujiu naturally wouldn’t need to explain. She just cut and cleans the wound one by one. After that, she carefully cut open the suture of the wound.

The pus and blood mixed together and flow on the blanket with a hole. Cao Lin’s wounds look so terrible so Shanhu didn’t dare to look anymore. While Housekeeper and Doctor Wu’s hair on the scalp started tingling. The only person who didn’t get affected is Lin Chujiu alone.

After the suture was cut opened, Lin Chujiu started cutting inside the rotten muscles. But this time, Feicui arrive with the salt and cold water. When Feicui came in and saw Cao Lin’s open stomach she almost drop the water on her hands. Luckily, Shanhu was able to catch it on time.

“This slave deserve to die.” Feicui quickly pleaded guilty. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t pay her attention and just told Shanhu to put the water on the table.

Lin Chujiu stops what she’s doing. Then, she wipes off the blood and the pus on her hands and removes the gloves.

After that, Lin Chujiu started adding a salt on the cold water and mixed them. She then gets a small funnel on her medicine box and put it on Cao Lin’s mouth and started giving him the salty water.

You can make him drink water this way?

In these past few days, they tried making Cao Lin drink water. But, they just couldn’t and failed… …

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