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Lin Chujiu's clothes were unfit to her, she’s definitely wearing a man’s clothing. It can be seen that Lin Chujiu encountered a problem. The Crown Prince will not believe she’s okay.

The Crown Prince was recently tutored by Lin Xiang. However, even if he made a progress in speech, he was still lacking intelligence in action. He only wants to find out now what happened to Lin Chujiu. So that, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu would have a conflict. But, he didn’t think that his behavior made the imperial family lose its face.

If the Crown Prince insisted on getting on the Xiao Wangfu’s carriage, the Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen couldn’t stop him. But, it doesn’t mean Lin Chujiu couldn’t stop him too!

Before the Crown Prince could even rush up to Lin Chujiu, Lin Chujiu took a step on the footstool but didn’t open the carriage door. She only looked down at the Crown Prince and said: “Your royal highness the crown prince, what are you doing? Is there a murderer inside my carriage that the court wanted to take away, that’s why you wanted to go and check inside?”

“Imperial Aunt… … This crown prince is just worried about you, so I came forward to ask.” The Crown Prince realized that he made an appropriate move, so he immediately turns his head to several of his guards, then said: “Imperial Aunt, don’t be angry, these guards don’t understand their place, this crown prince will punish them for not being sensible, someone come… …”

“His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!” Lin Chujiu interrupted the Crown Prince’s speech. Although she was only wearing coarse clothes, her momentum was strong. She doesn’t look any weaker than the Crown Prince, who was wearing royal clothes: “You are the Crown Prince of the East, but I am your elder. Who said you can just freely punish the guards in front of your elder? Is this what your teacher has taught you?”

The Crown Prince’s facial expression slightly change, but he didn’t get angry. He only adjusted his wording: “These Guardsmen are guilty. This crown prince will punish them in behalf of Imperial Aunt. Imperial Aunt doesn’t need to care about them.”

“I don’t care.” Lin Chujiu didn’t give the Crown Prince a face. She also didn’t wait for him to speak: “Your Royal Crown Prince, I will go to the palace and meet the Empress, I’m sure the Empress will give me a fair judgment.”

After saying those words, Lin Chujiu didn’t get inside the carriage. Instead, she said: “Whoever dares to stop this Wangfei from entering the capital will be killed on the spot!”

Lin Chujiu's voice was not small. At least, the soldiers of the capital’s gate and the Crown Prince’s guards heard her words. The Crown Prince’s guards, who were helping their master to blocked the road, still hesitated to give way.

However, if they were really be killed, will the Crown Prince save them from Xiao Wangfei’s slaughtering?

They must be dreaming!


In one of the carriages that were lining up, a man who was wearing a purple robe happened to witness the scenes. The purple man’s eyes widen in shocked: “How can the Crown Prince of the East be this soft?” In the Southern Country, the Crown Prince’s authority and power were great. What about the Imperial Aunt?

“The Emperor doesn’t like him, the Empress doesn’t care about what he does.” The man beside the purple man sneered and said.

If he wanted to know what happened to Xiao Wangfei the night after she was taken away, he could just look for a piece of evidence to know.

The purple man shook his head. “I originally thought that the East has a mediocre Crown Prince that is about to lose his power. But now, it seems he was no more than a puppet. However, this Xiao Wangfei is very interesting. She was rumored that she has superb medical skills. They said she can cure Meng Xiuyuan’s disease. I guess it must be true.”

“Xiao Wangye married a capable wife. No wonder the Crown Prince was so eager to ruin her.” The man beside the purple man was so angry at the Crown Prince’s stupidity, but he had no choice but to endure. So, he only laughed it out.

The Crown Prince’s idea was right, but his way was wrong.

There was nothing wrong to coming forward and asking Lin Chujiu. Asking a few questions were enough, and the rest will just follow… …

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