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“This… …” The general of the capital defender was in a dilemma. However, the Crown Prince ignored him and went on his own with his soldiers.

When the soldiers on the road dispersed, the Crown Prince immediately went close to Lin Chujiu. Ordinary people don’t know who the crown prince is, but seeing the line of soldiers, they hurriedly bow down and didn’t dare to look at the person.

Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen naturally knew the Crown Prince. When they saw him coming, they knew he has no good intentions, so they had a sullen face. They pretended didn’t see the crown prince. They refused to take the lead in paying respect.

The soldiers defending the capital’s gate knew that the Crown Prince will come to inspect today. So seeing this scene, the soldiers busily kowtowed and shouted long live his majesty, even if they really haven’t seen the Crown Prince appearance.

The soldiers defending the capital’s gate voice were very loud. However, Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen pretended like strangers. They only kneel down and give a courtesy.

Lin Chujiu was waiting for the medical system’s punishment to finish. When suddenly, she heard a group of people shouting “long live his majesty”. At that moment, Lin Chujiu’s face immediately turns black.

How unlucky was she really is?

“No need to be so polite.” The Crown Prince was in front of so many people, so he absolutely had a soft and gentle tone. His words and demeanor revealed a royal dignity and atmosphere.

The Crown Prince stayed sitting in his horse and seemingly has no intention to dismount. He just waved his hand, indicating for Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen to move to the side. Then, he said: “Imperial Aunt?” Although it was a little strange to say, looking at her back, Lin Chujiu seemed to be in good condition. 

However, appearing in this time and place, and wearing something like that, there must be really a problem.

Lin Chujiu knew that things will be bad. So, she raised her hand and wipe off the sweat on her face and the blood on her mouth. Then, she turned around and looked at the Crown Prince sitting on his horse. With a smile, she said: “Oh, it turned to be his royal highness the crown prince.”

“Is it really you, Imperial Aunt?” The Crown Prince revealed a smile on his face and took a stepped forward. The horse head gets closer and closer to Lin Chujiu as if he was trying to bully her.

The smile on Lin Chujiu's face remained unchanged. She also didn’t retreat even half a step. She only said with a bit trace of ridicule: “What? Is the royal crown prince can’t recognize his elder? Even more than this horse?”

There was a flashed of rage in the eyes of the Crown Prince, but he said with his mouth: “May Imperial Aunt forgive this crown prince. This crown prince didn’t expect to see you here, and for a moment became rude. This crown prince asks Imperial Aunt’s forgiveness.”

Eh, this prince has grown up!

Lin Chujiu continued to smile and said: “How can this imperial aunt not forgive you. Your royal crown prince is this country’s future emperor. How can someone like me say that you are guilty.”

“Imperial Aunt’s words are too heavy.” The Crown Prince go with the flow, but then change the topic with Lin Chujiu’s clothes: “Why is Imperial Aunt in the capital’s gate? Did some bandits attack you here? Who dared to let Imperial Aunt suffer?”

Listening to those words, he seems full of care, but actually not… …

“Your Royal Crown Prince is thinking too much. People live and work in the East peacefully. And who will dare to cause trouble right under the foot of the Emperor? I am just playing around with your Imperial Uncle.” Lin Chujiu explains why she was in the capital’s gate with a simple statement, then said: “The time is not too early, I should go back now, I will not delay his royal crown prince’s business. “

The Crown Prince was willing to have a verbal fight with her, but she was not willing to cooperate.

“Imperial Aunt… …” The Crown Prince came forward, wanting to pull Lin Chujiu, but he was stopped by Xiao Wangfu’s guard: “His royal crown prince, Wangfei is very tired, she needs to go back and rest. This Xiao Wangfu’s guard is asking his royal highness to give way.”

“Get out of the way… …” The Crown Prince waved his hand and pushed aside the Xiao Wangfu’s guard.

Of course, Xiao Wangfu’s guard was not someone who can be pushed aside. It’s just, the crown prince’s identity was there. He couldn’t be too arrogant towards him. The Crown Prince continued moving towards the carriage, the Xiao Wangfu’s guard cannot stop him… …

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