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Doctors were often exposed to germs, viruses, and bacteria, so they were a bit freak in cleanliness. However, compared to Demon Lord, Lin Chujiu felt like she was nothing. Because her awareness in cleanliness only occurred every time she is in the hospital. She came back to normal, after going out of the hospital.

After washing his hands, Demon Lord stretched out his hands in front of Lin Chujiu: “Wipe it dry!”

When he said those words, Lin Chujiu took out the bandage that she just used and wiped his hands.

Demon Lord’s hands were very big. It was as big as a tiger’s mouth, but his fingers were thin. His hands don’t have a white complexion but were full of strength. Lin Chujiu didn’t doubt that he could kill her with just one finger.

On his left thumb, there was a bloody red ring. It has the same color as blood. It looks very scary. She even saw some traces of blood in it.

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to stare at Demon Lord’s hands. After she finished wiping his hands, she immediately recovered her eyes.

She was actually a bit scared of him.

The two returned from their senses, but they found out a pack of wolves was surrounding them.

Lin Chujiu made a rough estimation, she found out that at least 20 wolves gathered around them. And the rabbit that Demon Lord had caught, has long disappeared.

The wolves green eyes have been watching them with vigilance. They looked, particularly like devils.

“Be careful.” Demon Lord said to Lin Chujiu as soon as he saw the wolves and he pulled her back: “Don’t move any further, it will become troublesome if you alert the other wolves.” When he was together with Lin Chujiu, he really became stupid. He actually forgets that the smell of blood easily attracts the wild animals.

Lin Chujiu knows how terrible wolves can be, so she immediately said: “We have to find another place to stay.” They don’t know how many wolves lived in this mountain. It is wise to stay away from them as far as possible.

“Mmm.” Demon Lord didn’t object. Although he could kill them all in just one stroke, it will attract the attention of other packs of wolves.

The mountain road was difficult to run into. Lin Chujiu, who was behind Demon Lord, couldn’t keep up, even though she has shallow footsteps. Demon Lord stopped and waited for Lin Chujiu for several times already. In the end, he runs out of patience: “This lord had never seen such a stupid woman like you. If you can’t keep up, can’t you say a word?” Will you die if you speak? 

“… …” Lin Chujiu couldn’t argue, so she only bowed down her head: “I will keep up.”

“You can only keep up with ghosts.” Stupid woman, will she die if she tried to surrender?

Demon Lord stared at Lin Chujiu with blood shots eyes, as if he was going to kill her. However, what’s strange was, Lin Chujiu didn’t get scared at all, instead, she smiled… ..

This stupid woman still has the guts to smile.

“This lord will help you once again.” As he spoke, he wrapped his arms around Lin Chujiu’s waist. Lin Chujiu haven’t had time to react, but she was already taken away.

Her legs suddenly left the ground. Lin Chujiu was startled, but she didn’t dare to scream. She only quietly pulled Demon Lord’s clothes to maintain her balance.

As a baggage, she doesn’t have any right to complain. So, even if Demon Lord grabbed her waist a bit forceful, she only stayed silent.

Now that he was holding Lin Chujiu, Demon Lord doesn’t worry about her safety anymore. Well, it was really unnecessary to stop and wait for her. Demon Lord was very fast, in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the other side of the Wolf Mountain.

Demon Lord seems to be very familiar in the Wolf Mountain. The trees and plants looked the same, but it doesn’t seem affected him. They even arrived at a cave soon.

“Let’s rest here for tonight. You lit a fire, this lord  will find some prey.” After dropping a sentence, Demon Lord turned around and left… …

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