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No one is behind me!

She can’t see the cave, she I can’t see the person chasing after her. There was only a mist!

I finally escaped.

Looking up at the sky, the top of the cliff seems to be unattainable, but Lin Chujiu was not afraid.

Young people in M country like to play activities with excitement and doing outdoor sports. There were a lot of extreme sports that can almost cause a person’s life. Lin Chujiu used to play sports, climbing rocks, she needs it at times to monitor her target person. In some event, she even climbed the Grand Canyon, the land of the dead, without proper equipment or safety measures, but… …

Not only she came back alive, but also saved a man’s life!

If she can climb up with a burden, what more if she was alone!

Lin Chujiu has always been a self-reliant person. She never thought of waiting for someone to save her life. First, she must climb up to the end of the big net, then removed the tiger claws. Once she reaches there, she will tie a rope to her waist, as a safety measure.

After carefully thinking of a plan to save her life, Lin Chujiu put down the worry in her heart. Then, she climbed up the big net one step at a time. She took out a knife and stuck it on the cliff, to make things easier for her.

Not long after, Lin Chujiu’s hands were bleeding, but she didn’t knit her eyebrow from pain, she just concentrates from climbing.

Not to mention, it was only scrapped skin. She can pay attention to her wound right now unless she wants to die.

The snail might be slow, but it will reach it’s destination one day. While she, she must reach the top before she gets tired.

The fight between Lin Chujiu and the black men was unknown to everyone. The three Meng brother’s were fidgeting all night. In the morning, they personally brought people to look at the Wind Cliff Valley.

“At that time, Eldest Miss Lin stood in this position and jumped down with the black man.” Yesterday, a look out, who was assigned to saved the children in the Wind Cliff Valley, repeated the situation at that time.

In the Meng Family, aside from the people around Meng Laofuren, everyone else called Lin Chujiu, Eldest Miss Lin, just like with Lin Wanting.

“Put a ladder and climb down to find the whereabouts of  Xiao Wangfei.” When  Meng Shi heard what happened, he immediately ordered his men.

A guard immediately came forward and brought a ladder and rope. After the guard put down the ladder, he went down. The three Meng brothers anxiously waited on the top of the cliff. And from time to time, they stretched out their head and looked down, it’s just… …

The cliff was too deep, they can’t see anything. The bottom of the cliff was too deep, so they couldn’t see Lin Chujiu was hanging on the opposite side and trying to climb up. 

Time passed by, and soon the afternoon was approaching. The guard who climbed down went up again, then said: “The ladder is too short. Nothing can be seen below.” If the big net was still intact, the guard might be able to see it, but now… … 

The big net was cut off by Lin Chujiu, they couldn’t see anything even a ghost.

“Extend it!” When the guard heard it, he didn’t dare to move, he said first: “Master, the length of the ladder has reached its limit. If we add some more, it will break.”

“Then… after climbing down, set up another ladder.” In short, no matter what the cost, they must come to save Lin Chujiu.

The Meng Family’s guard has no other choice but to follow his master’s order.

While the Meng Family was busily looking for Lin Chujiu under the Wind Cliff Valley, Xiao Tianyao also didn’t stay idle. Xiao Tianyao already made an arrangement, he was just waiting for the other party to send him a message. By then, he will be able to bring back Lin Chujiu safe. In addition to that, he also sent people to the Tiancang Pavillion. He wanted them to buy information about who’s the person behind this event. 

This kidnapper dared to checkmate him. Well, once he found out who’s the mastermind, he doesn’t need to come out personally. He will be able to bring her back immediately.  

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