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Lin Chujiu has never been a person who likes waiting to be saved. So, she never thought of waiting for Xiao Tianyao to save her, even if she was aware that those people led her to hook up Xiao Tianyao!

After taking off her thick and wet clothes, Lin Chujiu began to wipe her body with the quilt, then began to wear the coarse clothes. The clothes were new and it easily passes through her body, because they are men’s clothes. They were very bog for her. Lin Chujiu had to pull a tie from her wet clothes and tie it on her trousers, to prevent it from falling.

After changing clothes, Lin Chujiu began to dry her hair. She also uses the quilt. Lin Chujiu doesn’t know how long it took her to dry her hair. She dried her hair from roots to tips. Then, she wrapped the quilt to her body to separate it from her long hair.

Although there was light in the cave, it was very cold. Lin Chujiu couldn't sit still. She took the quilt with her to the narrow side and sat down against the wall.

After a day of tossing around, Lin Chujiu was really tired.

Lin Chujiu's whole body was hidden in the darkness. Even if someone comes over, that someone will not find where she is. As for what she was doing there, no one knows the answer.

“How is Xiao Wangfei?” The boss came back and asked.

“She’s very cooperative, it’s quite interesting.” The three men didn’t want to praise Lin Chujiu, but they don’t know how they will evaluate her.

They had checked Lin Chujiu’s character before, Lin Chujiu can be said not a smart woman. Now, they understand it.

“Being obedient is good, but still watch her close. Nothing must happen to her until Xiao Wangye came.” The Boss sat on a tiger leather chair and put his legs on the stone table. His posture looked very casual and arrogant.

“Boss, rest assured. Xiao Wangfei is a woman, she will not dare to escape, she can’t run away.” They know very clear how dangerous Wind Cliff Valley was. They also sacrificed countless people just to capture a small piece of land in this place.

“Yeah.” The Boss also doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu can run away.

Seeing their boss was not in the bad mood, the big man asked: “Boss, for a woman, will Xiao Wangye come? If Xiao Wangye didn’t come, won’t our efforts be in vain?” It was not easy to kidnapped the children of the Meng Family.

The Boss’s cold eyes stared at the big man with a warning: “This is not something for you to worry about.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The three men only said yes, they didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

Time passed by quietly, and soon it was late at night. In the dark corner, Lin Chujiu curled up her body. Those people seemed to have forgotten about her, no one gave her food.

Lin Chujiu knew that she will not die from hunger in about one to two days, but… …

If she will get hungry, she will not have the strength to escape.

Yes, even if she knew that she was in the middle of the cliff, Lin Chujiu still thinks about escaping. She believes she can climb up.

No, more likely, even if she can’t climb up, she must climb up. Because she was very loyal to herself, no one can save her except for herself.

Lin Chujiu put all her attention to the surrounding area. After confirming that no one was watching over her, Lin Chujiu took out an infusion bottle to the medical system, and a bottle of glucose and nutrient supplement.

Hunger can be tolerated, but physical strength cannot. When she fell this night, it seemed it was at least thousands of meter away from the top of the cliff. Without enough physical strength, how can she climb up?

The road she was taking was dark and long. At this time, she was all alone, it was quite frightening. Even if she just sighed, it will still echo. If she has no guts, she’s afraid that she will be scared to death.

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