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When the two people went away, Meng Da Furen whispered: “It will be an hour, before Wanting finish.”

Although there was no direct statement, Lin Chujiu understood Meng Da Furen’s meaning.

Lin Chujiu smiled and said with indifferent tone: “I want to see Uncle, I don’t know if Uncle has a free time?” This was one of the reasons why Lin Chujiu came to the Meng Family. She was only a one-man army, there were things she cannot do alone.

“Of course, I will take you there.” Meng Da Furen was not a smart person, but she can guess Lin Chujiu’s intention.

Regardless of who the other party was, this was after all their family’s business. If they can solve it themselves, this can make Xiao Wangye not look down on them.

Although their family was losers, they were not trying to rely on other people as much as possible.

The three Meng brothers were all together, they were thinking of what to do to save their children before the three days limit come so that they don’t need to go to the Wind Cliff Valley anymore. But… …

This idea was very good but very hard to implement. Xiao Tianyao can’t find who’s the person behind it, so what more if it’s them? 

The three Meng brother’s eyebrows knitted more and more. When they saw Meng Da Furen came in with Lin Chujiu, they were a little surprised. It was not until Lin Chujiu paid her greetings when they were able to react and busily stopped her.

“Chujiu, how come you’re here? Did something happened?” Meng Shi was the first to speak and expressed his concern.

The three Meng brothers were not familiar to Lin Chujiu. They don’t know what she likes or hates. However, yesterday’s event made them see what kind of person Lin Chujiu was. They felt like they owed her, so they couldn’t help but highly looked at her.

Lin Chujiu remembered that Xiao Tianyao had mentioned her three uncles. He said that although they were not strong, they were very capable among their generations and trustworthy people.

Lin Chujiu did not turn around and bluntly said: “Uncle, I came to see you today because there is something I want you to do.”

“What is it? Just say it…” Although Meng Shi was full of question, he didn’t refuse.

Lin Chujiu took out paintings on her sleeve and handed them to Meng Shi: “Uncle, I want you to help me create a batch of these things. Create them exactly according to the drawings. I need them by tomorrow, I will use it.” 

“These are… …” Meng Shi took the drawings and looked at them one by one. He found out that he couldn’t understand any of them, but he knew what are they: “Are these weapons?”

Meng Shi’s eyes widen in horror. He was born into a military family. Although he didn’t touch any kind of weapons when he was young, he knew about weapons more than anyone else. He was very clear that Lin Chujiu’s drawings were about weapons.

“Yes, Uncle. These things cannot be passed down. I want to bring them and use them as self-protection.” Lin Chujiu said coldly, which made Meng Shi’s heart trembled.

Meng Shi could only utter one sentence: “Chujiu, rest assured, uncle, know what to do.” He just wanted to give the drawings to the Emperor, so that they can reinvent it. But Lin Chujiu’s words made him realized that it was not his things. For Lin Chujiu, even if they present these things to the emperor, they couldn’t ask for help.

“I believe you.” Lin Chujiu smiled and gestured to Meng Shi to put together the drawings: “Uncle, in addition to preparing these weapons, I also want to send people in advance to make some arrangements in the Wind Cliff Valley.”

“Chujiu, what do you want to do?” Seeing Lin Chujiu’s self-confidence and calmness, Meng Shi understood that Lin Chujiu must have an idea. He wanted to help as early as he can… …

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