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Meng Xiuyuan knew that his father went to the Xiao Wangfu, but he was not expecting Lin Chujiu will come the very same day. Hearing the small servant’s report, he almost stumbled.

Meng Xiuyuan made a gestured to his small servant, then they went back to his room to change clothes and see the guest.

Meng Daren and his people were temporarily staying at the East imperial chamber. At the moment, he didn’t leave to come and get his son, he only stayed with Lin Chujiu. Fortunately, Meng Xiuyuan's speed was very fast, he came over in a short moment.

This was the first time Lin Chujiu had seen Meng Xiuyuan. So, seeing the young man walking under the beam of sunlight, Lin Chujiu was mesmerized.

She understood today what the so-called unparalleled son was. The other party was a real gentleman.

Meng Xiuyuan stood against the light and the sunlight shone upon his body. Those floating dust that lingers around him, made him look like an immortal that descend in the heaven. Lin Chujiu couldn’t take away her eyes. As Meng Xiuyuan approached, the main hall suddenly became bright.

She doesn’t need to make a guess, she was sure that he grew up with good upbringing. The simple smile on his lips were like a spring breeze.

At first glance, Lin Chujiu had a good impression on Meng Xiuyuan. He was clean, gentle, thoughtful… …

A man like Meng Xiuyuan was the type she likes and adores.

It was not the first time Meng Xiuyuan saw Lin Chujiu, but he only saw her from afar. Today, he was quite astonished.

Not because Lin Chujiu’s appearance was good, but because of the feeling she gave of. She has a calm atmosphere, clear eyes, and bright smile… …

To tell the truth, such a woman marrying Xiao Wangye was a pity.

Meng Xiuyuan only looked at Lin Chujiu once, he took away his eyes immediately. Then, he paid respect. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make a sound.

It's a pity that such a handsome man can't speak.

Lin Chujiu took a quick glance and averted her eyes. She didn’t come forward. She only nodded her head and said: “Meng Gongzi is too polite.”

In this era, she was not allowed to be presumptuous. She cannot stare at the man in front of her, nor touch him. Otherwise, the other party will not only despise her but also branded her as a slut.

Although Xiao Tianyao does various bad things. There was one thing he can do that other man can’t do. Xiao Tianyao let her go outside, instead of shutting her up inside the Xiao Wangfu.

Meng Xiuyuan nodded and smiled, his smile was still like a spring breeze, which can make people forget their troubles.

Meng Daren knew about his son’s situation. So, when the two finish their greeting, he immediately asked Lin Chujiu to take a seat. After briefly introducing the two, Meng Daren said: “Xiuyuan, Xiao Wangfei heard about your illness and went here to visit you in person. Can you let Xiao Wangfei take a look at your condition?”

At this moment, Lin Chujiu was only a bit far from Meng Xiuyuan.

She has been staying in this place for quite long, but the medical system didn’t send an alarm. Obviously, Meng Xiuyuan doesn’t ask for help.

Was this young man doesn’t care if he can’t talk, or he simply doesn’t believe her?

The suspicious in Lin Chujiu's eyes was very obvious. But, Meng Xiuyuan pretended that he couldn’t see it.

Xiao Wangye's wife is so straightforward, is she not afraid of being killed by Xiao Wangye without any body parts left?

Meng Xiuyuan shook his head, but in the end, he didn’t reject his father’s kindness. He personally went close to Lin Chujiu, nodded his head and put his hand out, so that she can check his pulse.

Seeing Meng Xiuyuan’s movements, Lin Chujiu almost burst into tears. She wanted to tell the other party how she will diagnose his disease by checking his pulse?

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