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The carriage they used right now, was not the carriage they temporarily “borrowed”. The carriage they used was the Xiao Wangfu’s carriage, which was not only comfortable but also very spacious. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu can occupy each side. They can even lie down to it if they want to.

Lin Chujiu first got on the carriage. According to her past habit, she chose to sit on the left side, while Xiao Tianyao was on the right side. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t appreciate it. After getting inside the carriage, he sat beside Lin Chujiu.

After someone sat beside her, the carriage’s space seems became smaller and her nose was invaded by Xiao Tianyao’s unique yet cold scent. Lin Chujiu moved to the side, but after she found out that they were still sitting very close to each other. She moved again… …

Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything, he would like to see where Lin Chujiu could move further.

The carriage was so big, Lin Chujiu moved to the very end of the carriage. However, she was still only an arm away from Xiao Tianyao. Lin Chujiu wanted to move again, but there was no space left.

Then, so be it!

Lin Chujiu sat comfortably and sneaked a glanced at Xiao Tianyao. When she saw he was not angry, Lin Chujiu sighed in relief, but… …

It’s too early for her to be happy!

“Benwang is tired!” Xiao Tianyao lay down and rested his head against Lin Chujiu’s thigh.

“Wangye… …” Lin Chujiu was startled and her body became stiff.

“Hmm?” Xiao Tianyao only a made a heavy sound.

“If… you sleep like this, isn’t it uncomfortable?” Those words were not actually what Lin Chujiu think, but she couldn’t say what she wants.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao still only hummed. He was uncomfortable, but he didn’t say a single word.

However, with Xiao Tianyao’s long legs, Lin Chujiu knew he was definitely uncomfortable. After all, this side of the carriage was no longer spacious. Xiao Tianyao ca no longer stretch out his legs, but… … 

Xiao Tianyao was very happy to sleep like this!

Xiao Tianyao relaxed and rested on Lin Chujiu’s thigh. His eyes were closed and his face looked soft. He was indeed looked sleepy.

Looking at Xiao Tianyao like this, Lin Chujiu couldn’t afford to push him away. She gradually relaxed her body, so that the two of them could feel more comfortable.

Xiao Tianyao has always been a master of a group of people, so when he found out Lin Chujiu didn’t resist anymore. He said: “Benwang has a headache.”

“I will give you a massage.” Lin Chujiu responded out of reflex. When she realized it, her hands were already massaging Xiao Tianyao’s temple. It seems it was too late to recover her hands.

Lin Chujiu’s face was full of black lines, her consciousness was not really high!

Xiao Tianyao was not really tired, he only want Lin Chujiu to get used being close with him. However, when Lin Chujiu gave him a massage, he really felt relaxed and fell asleep. He only woke up when the carriage stopped.

Lin Chujiu massaged Xiao Tianyao’s temple all the way to the Xiao Wangfu, she didn’t stop at all. Xiao Tianyao got up and took Lin Chujiu’s hands, then he frowned and asked: “Are they sour?”

“They are.” Lin Chujiu’s tone sounded a little depressed.

How long do you think it took me? You remember to me ask me if they sour, but you never ask me when I’m massaging your acupuncture points in the legs?

“Don’t do this again next time.” Xiao Tianyao held Lin Chujiu’s hand and pinched her knuckles. His strength was not too strong, but Lin Chujiu felt a warm current was flowing down from Xiao Tianyao’s fingers, which instantly relieved the sourness of her fingers.

"Is this internal force?" Lin Chujiu's face was full astonishment, as if she had discovered something amazing.

“Yes, benwang discovered that it is very useful.” When Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu was happy, he inexplicably felt better.

“This thing is indeed very useful.” Regarding this matter, Lin Chujiu didn’t deny that it was indeed useful. But the premise was, Xiao Tianyao must be willing to use it for her, otherwise, it was useless!

Outside the carriage, a guard has long been waiting in the corner. He doesn’t know if he should remind their Wangye that they arrived for long a time now.

Can anyone change my place?

“Ahem…” After waiting for a long time, when they still haven’t seen any sign of the people getting out. The guard harden his scalp and said: “Wangye, Wangfei, we arrived!”

“Oh…” Lin Chujiu's face redden and busily pulled her hands.

She didn’t realize that the carriage has stopped. She doesn’t know how long they stayed inside the carriage. It was so shameful.

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