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The number of the assassins were much larger than the Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen, so they were all desperate. They can retaliate against the assassins attack, but they couldn’t get rid of them. They could only watch Lin Chujiu being attacked by the horse.

“Wangfei, Wangfei… … Be careful.” Housekeeper Cao said as he curled up his body inside the carriage. The oil lamp inside has already been shot. If it weren’t for a few night pearls inside the carriage, Housekeeper Cao wouldn’t be able to see clearly where Lin Chujiu was.

However, even if that was the case, Housekeeper Cao still dared to rush forward and add chaos to the guardsmen.

The horse’s body was very large, it couldn’t hide at all. The assassin only needs to lift its sword to hurt the horse. The horse was injured and it felt in pain, so it ran away violently, trying to save itself.

*tabdak, tabdak*

“What about Xiao Wangfei?” The injured horse screamed and ran into a far distance. So it can be said that, even if Lin Chujiu tried to hide, she will be stepped for one or two times. As long as she was injured by the horseshoe, she wouldn’t be able to run away. It will much easier to kill her, but… …

The horse already ran far for more than ten meters, but they still haven’t seen Lin Chujiu.

“Hurry, go get some torch and look for her, search where did she go to.” The nigh pearl’s light was limited, it couldn’t illuminate the far distance.


The assassins ignited the torches and walked around, but they still couldn’t find Lin Chujiu.

“Xiao Wangfei must have hugged the horse’s belly and hide under it.”

Yes, when the assassins were preparing to hurt the horse, Lin Chujiu reacted quickly and pulled the rope around the horse’s body. She wrapped her legs around the horse belly and hide under it.

The assassins no longer dared to care about the Xiao Wangfu’s guards, they rushed to chase after the horse. When the guardsmen heard it, they also chase after the horse and shouted.

“Wangfei, climbed up on the horse, grabbed the reins and go back to the Xiao Wangfu.” The guard was worried that Lin Chujiu might not know what to do, so he made suggestions, but… …

They also reminded the assassins.

“Kill the horse!” If there was no horse, Lin Chujiu, who was a weak woman cannot go elsewhere.

“What a pig teammate!” Lin Chujiu was still holding the horse’s belly. Her hands were now feeling sour and painful, but she was still struggling to climb up. She was not hoping to succeed, but when she heard the dialogue between the guards and the assassins.

For a moment, Lin Chujiu felt bitter.

She was not as stupid as the guard think and she doesn’t need their reminders. She knows what to do.

This time, the assassin stopped chasing after Lin Chujiu, instead, he throws his sword towards her. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s foot on the horse’s back, and that her body was hanging on its side. The assassin didn’t hesitate to throw the sword towards her.

The blade flew straight towards Lin Chujiu… …

“Your sister!” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but cursed, she tried hard to climb up the horse. But now, she has no choice but to let go.

Yes, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to let go of the horse, but she had to loosen her grip and move away from the horse… …

Escaping while riding the horse was a good choice, but only if she had a chance!

Without any hesitation, Lin Chujiu released her hand. She closed her eyes and let herself fall on the ground… …

The horse continued galloping forward, although its speed was not fast. If she falls, Lin Chujiu will likely have broken arms or legs. However, unexpectedly… …

A sudden gush of strong wind passed behind her. When she reacted, she found herself falling into a soft embrace.

I’m saved!

Lin Chuji opened her eyes and saw Xiao Tianyao’s figure, “Wangye? How come you’re here?” It was actually Xiao Tianyao? Well…  it’s unbelievable.

“Aside from benwang, who else could it be?” Xiao Tianyao carried Lin Chujiu and kicked the sword on the ground. The sword flew up and steadily fell on his hand. Then, he threw it behind him. A scream of a dying assassin was heard. And he unwillingly fell to the ground.

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