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“Master.” When the guard saw that Lin Chujiu held the child, he couldn’t help but stopped her.

If their Wangye learns this, he will kill him.

“Let go!” Lin Chujiu’s face sank and there was no trace of politeness in her tone.

“Master, but your identity… …” After he said those words, he swallowed the rest when he saw Lin Chujiu’s cold eyes.

When their Wangfei was outside, she was like a different person. She was not the usual silent person just like in the Xiao Wangfu.

“Your responsibility is to protect me, not to interfere in my business.” Aside from Xiao Tianyao, who has the right to interfere in her business?

“Yes.” The guard bowed his head and stepped back half a step.

Little Zhou and the onlookers were scared by this scene. They looked at Lin Chujiu one by one. Their eyes were full of respect and fear. They couldn’t help but also stepped back.

The young girl’s identity seemed something they couldn’t afford to offend, right?

“My carriage is there, let’s go over there.” Lin Chujiu held and looked at the child. The child only looked like 3 or 4 years old. But, the child looked horrible. Lin Chujiu didn’t asked the guard’s help, she directly walked towards the carriage.

“Oh, ok…” Little Zhou who was shocked for a while, also followed.

The onlookers wanted to watch the exciting event, but they were afraid of the guard behind Lin Chujiu. So in the end, no one dared to follow. They just scattered one by one.

“Gongzi, let’s go back.” When the crowd has scattered, a small servant spoke to his young master, who was dressed in a white robe.

The young master has a jade crown on his head. He has a noble and elegant temperament, which could make people hard to turn a blind eye to his existence. But the most eye-catching traits of him were his eyes that looked bright like a star.

Such a person walking in the crowd will naturally become the focus. Which was true, because of his eye-catching appearance, the people on the road involuntarily stopped walking and only stared at him.

A shy girl who passed by wanted to look but didn’t dare to do so. Even the vendors on the side didn’t dare to look, for fear of angering the young nobleman.

This young master, was Meng Xiuyan. The grandson of the dead Dean Meng of Wenchang College. He passed by the Zhuque Street and saw the teenager, who was begging for mercy in the front of the pharmacy. He wanted to see if he could help, but he didn’t expect someone will step a bit faster than him.

Meng Xiuyuan looked at Lin Chujiu, who was holding the child and walking towards the carriage. His face was showing a bright smile. He looked at the small servant next to him, but he didn’t show an impatient or boredom look. He only slightly nodded his head and turned around. He then entered the tea house to the side.

The eyes of the crowd followed all the way until Meng Xiuyuan walked inside the tea house. And when his figured could no longer be seen, the crowd reluctantly recovered their eyes.

This was Meng Family’s young master, Meng Xiuyuan. He doesn’t need to talk. Because as long as he passed by the crowd, he can catch everyone’s attention.

Lin Chujiu took the child inside the carriage, while the guard and Little Zhou were anxiously waiting outside. Lin Chujiu took out a medicine box from the medical system.

Little Zhou looked like an impoverished person, but the sick child’s body and clothes were clean. Obviously, the child was being taken care of.  

The child was poisoned, which cause him to have a high fever and severe dehydration. Fortunately, it was not a powerful poison. The child should be bitten by a cockroach or a poisonous spider. It’s just the treatment was delayed for a long time, so his condition became serious. 

However, for someone like Lin Chujiu, this was naturally a piece of cake!

*Gongzi – young master from a noble family.

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