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As soon as a black warhorse and red clotted figure appeared, the people in the capital give way spontaneously. And every people who had seen that figure couldn’t help but sigh with awe.

After half a year, they finally saw Xiao Wangye riding a horse in the street again. People in the capital find themselves so fond of this scene.

“Xiao Wangye is still arrogant and unruly.” On the tea house, a man dressed in green colored bamboo leaf, and who was casually leaning on the window sill, looked at the flashing red figure downstairs.

Behind him, a gray clothed man was also sitting, but the appearance was not visible.

If a person will look closely, that person will find the man, who was leaning against the window sill, seems to be more profound and literate than the Eastern Scholars. Unfortunately, the night has already fallen, so no one could notice it.

Xiao Tianyao went straight to Xiao Wangfu. He didn’t stop even for half a minute. People in Xiao Wanfu received the news early, so they leave the main entrance gate opened. Xiao Tianyao entered the house with the horse… …

When the red clotted figure crossed the gate, the two thick doors immediately closed. And with a “boom” sound, the scene outside was blocked.

Xiao Tianyao’s exquisite horse riding skill was not restricted by the houses and landscape inside the Wangfu. His speed was not also reduced even by half. He rode all the way to the stables.

“Take good care of it.” Xiao Tianyao patted the horse and jumped down while holding a bundle wrapped in cloth in his arm.

The bundle wrapped in cloth was not big. In the hand of Xiao Tianyao, it was not noticeable at all.

Xiao Tianyao strode all the way to his study room. Housekeeper Cao, who was following behind Xiao Tianyao, was sweating all over his body, but he didn’t dare to stop: “Wangye, you finally came back, Wangfei asked for you for several times.” 

“Is that so?” Xiao Tianyao continued walking forward, his lips were revealing a shallow smile, but he continued to walk as if he didn’t hear anything: “What happened in the house these days when benwang was absent?”


Housekeeper Cao didn’t expect Xiao Tianyao would ask such a question. He only went outside for three days. Even when he went outside for a month before, he never asked this when he comes back. So, what does this mean?

“Speak…” Xiao Tianyao footsteps didn’t stop and his voice was cold.

Housekeeper Cao was a clever man, so his brain function abruptly. Then, he said: “Tthe day before yesterday, Wangfei was invited to the palace. When she came back, her mood was strange. She didn’t say anything, so this slave didn’t dare to ask. Yesterday, Wangfei went outside, it didn’t take long, she witnessed Divine Doctor Mo’s disciple suing his master. This day, Wangfei didn’t go anywhere, she’s been waiting for Wangye to return.” The last sentence was Housekeeper Cao’s own creation.

“Good.” Xiao Tianyao’s body temperature instantly warmed up, Housekeeper Cao was secretly proud of himself: Indeed, I said it right.

At the entrance to the study, Xiao Tianyao stopped and faced Housekeeper Cao: “Go and call Wangfei, benwang has something to ask her.”

“Yes.” Housekeeper Cao hates to run again, so he only handed this task to someone else.

Lin Chujiu didn’t go outside today, she only asked Qiuxi to find her some medical books and then she sat by the window. However, a guard came over and said that Xiao Tianyo was looking for her. In her surprise, she looked up and said: “Wangye came back?”

“Yes, Wangye just came back.” When their Wangye just came back, he wanted to see their Wangfei. Their Wangye was really good to their Wangfei.

“Oh,” Lin Chujiu put down the book and got up, then she went outside the room. “Let’s go.”

“Wangfei, don’t you want to change clothes?” Seeing Lin Chujiu’s simple clothes, Qiuxi boldly asked.

Lin Chujiu looked back at her and said, “Is it necessary?”

Of course!

Women should pamper themselves!

However, this thing, Qiuxi didn’t dare to speak out loud under Lin Chujiu’s gaze. She only slowly bowed her head and didn’t open her mouth again.

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