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When Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Chujiu was not angry. He busily said: “It’s just, Wangye had said. If Wangfei wants to go out, Wangfei must bring a guard with her.” Although it sounded like a surveillance, it was really to protect Lin Chujiu.

After all, there was no lady in the capital can run around outside the house after getting married. Xiao Wangye was really good to Lin Chujiu.

With regards to taking a guard, Lin Chujiu was already expecting it. So, she immediately agreed.

Under Housekeeper Cao’s arrangement, Lin Chujiu left with an ordinary carriage of Xiao Wangfu. Her driver was the guard who will protect her. But not long after they left the Xiao Wangfu, the guard said: “Wangfei, we are being followed.” 

This was also the reason why Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to go outside. There were many people watching Xiao Wangfu outside. It was dangerous for Lin Chujiu to go out.

Lin Chujiu has no purpose to go outside today. She only wants to come out and get familiar with the surroundings in the capital. But, who would have thought once she came out, she will be watched? Lin Chujiu didn’t get angry, she simply said: “Go to the street. No, go to the direction of the Government Office.”

If they want to follow, then they should run well. They could follow her until they get tired… …

Imperial Doctor Qin was on duty yesterday and rested at the Third Prince’s palace. He only left this morning. Upon returning to his place, he didn’t change his clothes. He rushed to find his master to report a good news.

“Master, the emperor has given up Divine Doctor Mo.” Imperial Doctor Qin reported with an excited face.

For this day to come, they waited for decades… …

“Finally.” The silver-haired old man's nose got sore when his tears came out: “Finally, this day has come.”

The silver-haired old man covered his face and cried loudly. His body trembled in his cries. Imperial Doctor Qin busily crouched on the side of the old man and persuade: “Master, your body can’t handle too much emotion. Don’t be so excited. This is a happy event, you shouldn’t cry!”

“I am happy, I am happy.” The silver-haired old man wiped the tears on his face and gradually calmed his emotions. “You are right, I can’t be too excited. I have to keep this broken body and let that hypocrite villain reveal his true face.”

The silver-haired old man’s eyes flashed with a strong light in his eyes: “Go to my room, take out my medicine box. Then arrange someone people to secretly send me to Ci Entang.”

The medicine box was the only personal belonging of the silver-haired old man. And the Ci Entang was the place he should originally have stayed. So, when Imperial Doctor Qin heard this, his face become pale: “Master, you are leaving?”

“Yes.” The silver-haired old man nodded his head, then added: “I originally wanted to use the third prince’s disease to make a grand road for you. Unfortunately, Xiao Wangye destroyed it. This master has nothing to teach you know. Our relationship as master and apprentice will end here.”

“Master… …” Imperial Doctor Qin shook his head and grabbed the old man’s hand: “You will always be my master.”

The silver-haired old man pulled out his hand hard. “You may keep this master in your heart. But, I will go out this door. You must forget about me. You shouldn’t let the Emperor learn about my relationship with you. Otherwise, he will not believe in you again.”

“Master, thank you, thank you…” Imperial Doctor Qin knew that his master taught him medical skills for a purpose. He let him become a palace doctor for his revenge. All these things cannot be denied, but his master also teaches him everything he knows.

The master and the disciple said a few more words. Then, Imperial Doctor Qin gave the old man a lot of money. The silver-haired old man doesn’t have any hesitation. When the people in Ci Entang arrived, he asked them to send him to the Judicial Court.

He wanted to sue Divine Doctor Mo. He wanted to tell them that Divine Doctor Mo framed him, almost killed him, and robbed his wife… …

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