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Lin Chujiu didn’t listen much to Divine Doctor Mo’s explanation. She just looked at him like a garbage: “Don’t speak like you have noble intentions, your hypocrisy is more terrible than a real villain. You know very well inside of your heart, what you are really doing.”

Lin Chujiu's remarks were not only, to go against Divine Doctor Mo but also expressing the remorse from the bottom of her heart. She was swearing for the human race. She was pulling up the banner of proper human behavior.

“What do you mean? This old man couldn’t understand it. Over the years, this old man could no longer count how many lives he has been saved.” Divine Doctor Mo looked at intently Lin Chujiu. Because he couldn’t accept her accusations.

“But, how many people’s life did you sacrificed just to formulate new methods of healing and prescriptions? I don’t know exactly what you are doing in your private time. But, with your words today, I am sure you are a doctor that killed many people.” The healing method that Divine Doctor Mo discovered was only known by himself. Other doctors didn’t know it. So, only few patients benefited from it.

“I… …” Divine Doctor Mo’s face paled, but he didn’t know how to defend himself.

“Divine Doctor Mo, doctors exist to save the people lives. But you, in order to satisfy your greed, you don’t hesitate to step on others just to climb up.”

Lin Chujiu looked at Divine Doctor Mo with a sullen face. Her eyes that still has a bit of light swept over to the Emperor. Lin Chujiu then added without hesitation: “Divine Doctor Mo, I am not only doubtful with your medical skills, but also with your character. According to your words, you don’t respect the human lives, do you really have the heart to take care of your patients?”

“What nonsense!” Divine Doctor Mo’s anger finally broke out. He pointed his finger at Lin Chujiu and said: “Xiao Wangfei, you don’t need to care about my business. Today, we ask you to come to say the technique you used to cure the Third Prince. Several acupuncture points you poke were lethal points. Your technique was extremely dangerous. If you failed, the third prince will die.”

“Is Third Prince dead?”


“He didn’t die, so what this is all about? You wanted to ask what technique I used? But, why should I tell you? Who are you? What qualifications do you have to learn my technique?” Lin Chujiu sharply made a counterattack. Her tone was very proud. She doesn’t sound like the soft persimmon in the Xiao Wangfu. Divine Doctor Mo didn’t think Lin Chujiu would be so tough. He couldn’t force her to speak.

After she threw a series of question, Lin Chujiu didn’t open her mouth again. She only took the teacup on the table and sip, then said: “Huangshang, if there is nothing else, can I go back now?”

The woman who can make Xiao Tianyao look at her was definitely unique. He underestimated Lin Chujiu too much.

The Emperor calmed his mind and gently replied: “Yes, but Zian wants to meet you, you go and see him first.”

Looking at the Emperor’s face this time, one could tell that he couldn’t wait to tear apart Lin Chujiu.

“Yes.” Lin Chujiu obediently got up and didn’t look at Divine Doctor Mo’s sharp eyes.

Imperial Concubine Zhou has been shrinking herself in the corner. She didn’t open her mouth. But when she saw Lin Chujiu got up, she came forward: “Huangshang, this concubine will lead the way for Xiao Wangfei.”

“Go.” There was no sharpness in the Emperor’s tone. It was a rare event.

After Lin Chujiu thanked the Emperor, she went outside with Imperial Concubine Zhou. Divine Doctor Mo opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted by the Emperor: “Divine Doctor Mo must be tired. Someone come and help him to go back and rest.”

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