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After Lin Chujiu entered the palace, the only thing she did was to insert the silver needles into Xiao Zian’s acupuncture points, according to Xiao Tianyao’s orders. Aside from that, she can’t do anything else. So, obviously, she only watched… …

For a doctor, this was shameful. Lin Chujiu felt like going back to the future and repair the medical system. Because this world was terrible. 

However, the medical system still gave her 10 points in saving Xiao Zian’s life.

What a shame!

Lin Chujiu was not really feeling happy. Not to mention, losing to Xiao Tianyao. So, after packing up her things, she asked: “Third Prince no longer has a problem, should we go now?”

“Mmm. Imperial Doctor Qin can do the rest.” Xiao Tianyao noticed Lin Chujiu’s behavior. But, this place was the palace, some words were not good to speak.

Imperial Doctor Qin knew that Xiao Tianyao was giving him this opportunity to make up for his lose merits earlier. So, the next moment, he kindly answered: “This lowly official will take care of the third prince.”

“Let’s go,” Lin Chujiu picked up her medicine box and looked at Xiao Zian before leaving. Xiao Zian was still unconscious, but he looked much peaceful than before.

The medicine box was very heavy. Lin Chujiu was struggling. So, after a few steps, she fell behind Xiao Tianyao and became like Xiao Tianyao’s little maidservant.

After the door opened, Xiao Tianyao took the lead to went out, without waiting for Lin Chujiu.

As soon as the Emperor and others heard a footsteps sound, they walked over. The two sides met in the corridor, Xiao Tianyao stepped forward: “Huangshang… …”

“Tianyao, how is Zian?” The Emperor asked. Because he couldn’t tell what happened.

Although he hopes Xiao Zian to be fine. He also would like to take this opportunity to condemn Xiao Tianyao.

“Not dead.” Xiao Tianyao arrogantly said as an opening. The Emperor sighed a relief but also felt a bit lost. When the Empress heard it, she also asked a question: “How are Zian’s legs? Can he walk in the future?”

When the Empress’s words fell, everyone’s eyes fell to the Xiao Tianyao. Aside from Imperial Concubine Zhou, everyone else was full of excitement.

According to the Emperor’s love for Xiao Zian, if his legs were healed. Whether it was the harem or the former officials, everything most likely will reshuffle.

“This question… should be asked to my Wangfei than benwang.” Xiao Tianyao turned his head and looked at Lin Chujiu behind him.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu's mood was very low. So, even though she had seen everyone's eyes were looking at her. She said without any spirit: “Third Prince’s legs were all right. He only needs to undergo rehabilitation… … “

Lin Chujiu's words haven’t finished, but Imperial Concubine Zhou interrupted her with a surprised tone: “Zian’s legs were good? He can walk?” Happiness came too fast. Imperial Concubine Zhou almost cried out loud.

“Third Prince’s legs were really cured?” The Crown Prince screamed out of control. The Emperor’s cold eyes immediately fell on him: “Why? Aren’t you happy?”

In front of the emperor, the Crown Prince was only like a beggar. He bowed his head and said: “Imperial Father, I am happy for the third brother.”

“Hmph…” The Emperor coldly snorted, apparently he doesn’t believe it. When the Seventh Prince saw the situation, he tried to cover up their loss. He clapped his hands and said: “That’s great. Third brother’s legs were now cured. He can teach me how to shoot an arrow later on. I hope Third Brother can get better soon, so we can play together.”

The Seventh Prince's childish words made the Emperor happy. The Emperor patted his head and lovingly said: “Little Seven is a good boy. After your third brother started walking, there will be many things to do. He might not be able to play with you every day.” 

The Seventh Prince didn’t embarrass the Emperor, he intimately said: “Imperial Father, I will wait until Third Brother has time to play with me. I will not bother Third Brother. Imperial Father, let’s go and see Third Brother now. I can’t wait to see him.”

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